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  1. A pic of a SRC from this morning. Is this the proper place within the forum to post pics? Cheers. image.jpg
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  2. Nice sized brute and good place to post.
  3. Thats a beautiful fish. Good size too.
  4. Very nice!
  5. Nice fish.
  6. Pretty. I'm going to have to catch one someday.
  7. Great fish!!! out or the "Net Nazis" will get you for using a knotted net.......
  8. The term "Net Nazis" is a humorous one. I do understand the importance of not netting with a knotted net, however my brother/fishing partner netted this fish for me and his net is in fact knotted. I typically employ a "proper" catch and release style rubber net myself. This fish was released unharmed (besides the hole pierced in its lip from my barbless hook) and never taken completley out of the water or handled roughly, so if the "Net Nazis" want to sentance me to the gas chamber, so be it.
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  9. Great fish man.
  10. Nice!
  11. Nice fish.
    You in fresh or salt water?

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