SSFF Growlers have arrived!!

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  1. SSFF growlers have arrived and they look great! They're perfect for stuffing in your pack for you and a fishing buddy.

    The Fish Tale brewery promotion starts today. We are having a kick-off night at the Olympia Fish Tale Brew Pub tomorrow night (Saturday night), come join us, drink beer and support SRC conservation in the south Puget sound.

    For more in for on the conservation project you can check out our project page at

    To get your hands on a growler (and to support the project) you can go to our donation page and donate $15 or more.
    You then can pick you growler up at these locations:
    Olympia Fish Pub -available now
    Everett Fish Pub- available 10-02-13
    Bellevue Orvis Shop- available 10-02-13

    Just bring your paypal receipt in, or if you are at the Orvis shop, they will be collecting money as well.

    Thanks for you support!!
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  2. Ok, I stopped by the Everett Pub today and they did not have the growlers. They said I had to pick them up from the SSFF themselves. Bummer for me.
  3. Sorry! you beat me there. I just picked up the growlers last night, I will be dropping them off at the Everett pub and the Orvis store tomorrow, (saturday).
    i guess my announcement was a little premature, sorry for the inconvenience.

    I'm headed to the Olympia fish pub right now to drop off growlers and to buy a pint of SSFF ale.
    Irafly, I definitely owe you a beer.

  4. Nah, I owe you a beer. Even though I've never targeted the sea run cut, I happy to know that when I finally do (which I will) that yours and others efforts will mean I might have a chance to land one.

    I was hoping to grab a couple before the weekend to bring to a buddy of mine in Eastern Washington. Darn, I'll just have to head over to visit again.
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  5. Thanks Ira!
    Okay, Growlers are at the Olympia pub. Be sure to buy your growler first on our website and then bring in your receipt, they wont sell the growlers there. Also, there was a little confusion on the donation deal we are getting. SSFF will receive $1 per pint sold at the bar of SSFF ale (which is mighty tasty!) Filling a growler with SSFF wont earn the dollar donation. However! The the growler earns way more for our project anyway just by purchasing one!

    I am heading up to everett in the morning to drop off growlers at the Everett Pub.
    If you can make it down to the Oly Pub tomorrow night we (ssff) will be there hanging out. I will be able to accept payment for a growler and you can grab one at that time too.

    Cheers and tight lines,

  6. The Growlers are officially at the Everett Pub and the Orvis Fly shop in Bellevue. Everett has SSFF Ale on tap and ready to pour.
  7. Great work, Ryan. I managed to sell almost 20 at the Native Fish Society's river Steward retreat. Everyone loved them, and they look great!
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  8. Come and get 'em!

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  9. Leland, I just want to say thanks to you and everyone else at Bellevue Orvis for your support of this.
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  10. The November SSFF General Meeting is tomorrow night at its usual place (info here:
    I will have Growlers there in case you want to come and get one. hint hint.
    Janet Schimpf will also be there tying flies for our presentation.
    hope you can make it.
  11. How long will these (and the beer) be available? I'm not very close to any of the locations, but thinking about a trip to Olympia next weekend.
  12. Everett Pub? are we talking Fish Tails....?
  13. The beer will be available (as SSFF ale) untill the end of the month. The growlers until we sell out. I still have about 70 left. You can still pick them up at both the everret and Olympia pubs, but you have to buy then on our website first and bring in your receipt.
    The Bellevue Orvis shop may still have some that you can purchase there as well.

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