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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, May 1, 2013.

  1. I started a group for fly fishing Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. I have been told that if you post something on here and its not in a group then any one can look at it and its best to start a group. So any of you looking to talk about these waters feel free to send me a request so I can add you to the group. This is a give and take group meaning if you don't have nothing to give please don't come to take, I will go though and make sure that everyone is giving as much as they are taking. Thanks and hope to build a group that will allow us to talk about these waters and not have everyone in are business. Changed the tittle of the group as I guess there was one by the name I started with.
  2. Got a hole 2 ppl to join I'm on a roll. lol But all I can do is try
  3. you need to accept the request to join before you have 2 more people.
  4. I have accepted everyone who has sent me one so far.
  5. Or you could join the older group called Eastern Washington and North Idaho :)
  6. Thats the group
  7. There's an older group of the same name, but it hasn't been active since the forum switched to a new system. Since then, those older groups are not private.
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  8. Just changed the name its not fly fishing eastern washington and northern idaho waters. Maybe that will help thanks Richard.
  9. ok the group name was changed so for those of you who where having trouble please try now.
  10. We got 9 of us. So thats a start
  11. Keep them coming can't build a group with out members!;)
  12. up to a dozen!!!!
  13. Where do I find this group?
  14. Under groups up next to forums
  15. Sent you a PM, I think, but if not, I want to join.

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  16. Kim I sent you one back telling you what you need to do so if you are interested and I didn't give good enough directions message me back
  17. Thanks for they ppl that have joined the group. It seems like we have already started to help are selves
  18. Great day on the nfcda all the details in fly fishing eastern washington and northern idaho Go check it out. oh got to send a invite first
  19. Having lived in North Idaho.....only people from southern Idaho called it Northern Idaho. I suspect they wanted to maintain political control over that part of the state. Hell, the bank was North Idaho Bank, the community college....North Idaho College. I don't remember anything about NORTHERN IDAHO.

    Maybe change the forum name to East Washington and North Idaho??

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