Stillwater- No Mayflies?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by sashjo, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. My lake has prolific midge and caddis hatches but no mayflies. Is there a reason? Can I order Callibaetis from bugs-r-us? Miss the little sailboats.
  2. Hi sashjo-

    Nice to hear from you again. Although your lake may not support a prolific mayfly hatch, there are very few lakes in W. WA lakes which do. However, it would be somewhat surprising to me if your lake didn't support production of any mayflies, as most stillwaters, anywhere from a backyard pond to the largest lake, do support at least limited mayfly production. The swimmer mayfly nymphs of genus Callibaetis, as they are more likely to be found in weed beds than in the substrate, are probably more vulnerable to predation by an infestation of non-trout species, than would be either caddisflies or midges. Hope this helps.
  3. Roger,
    I will be even more diligent in my search for mayflies next spring.
    My search, to date, has been disappointing. Your reply gives me hope.

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