Stillwater, the worst online fly shop ever.

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  1. First off, they have good prices and good bundling deals and if you're OK with waiting for weeks and being lied to, then go for it. As a disclaimer, when this shop was reccomended to me as a source for a rod, I was told specifically, "I waited a month to get my stuff, but they have good prices". I knew what I was getting into.

    Luckily, I didn't need my stuff asap, but really, it's beyond ridiculous that in this day and age an on line retailer could be so bad and still be in existence. I emailed them on 8/02 and asked specifically, do you have this rod and line in stock? Got a reply that evening that yes, it was in stock and we look forward to serving you. Cool. They offered next day free shipping, looked good. Next morning I fill out the on line order form for rod and line and pay. Several days go by, nothing. No delivery, no tracking number, no confirmation of order. But money taken. So, I call.

    The guy who answered the phone remarked quickly how they sell so many rods so quickly that the rod I was quoted as being in stock must have been sold before I placed my order (right..... Bullshit #1). Then when asked about the rest of the order (line, a couple of leaders and some tippet) he said "Huh, someone seems to have marked it as do not ship partial order". Bullshit #2. He told me the rod would be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer (which must be the sales MO in the first place) and that the balance of my order would go out that day (bullshit #3, that was a thursday, they shipped it on the following tuesday). The backordered rod showed up a day before the line did. And when the line did show up, today, 13 days after placing the order, it was the wrong freakin line. When I had Mr Customer Service on the phone the week prior, I clarified. "It's this line, a specialty line, in this exact configuration" (gave him head length and grain weight configurations and everything). "Yep, I got it, no problem, it will go out today".

    So when I call today and get some other guy on the phone he was very clinical about it. No appologies, no concern over the ridiculous length of time I've waited, just a very simple "I'll ship out the correct line, you'll get it next week".

    Don't bother folks, they suck big time. There are better places to spend your money. The only reason I went looking on line in the first place is because there isn't a fly shop within a two hour drive of me that carries the rod I wanted. I'm not really unhappy that I have to wait, as I was told when referred that it could be dicey, but it's really so ridiculous that I had to share my experience. I've never had such crappy service.
  2. Local is is with fruits and veggies...why not fly fishing equipment? Help your own backyard! ;)
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  3. When I want to order a rod or reel online the first thought is Stillwater. I first started ordering from Stillwater about two years ago for Simms wader,boots,reel,rod,and wader accessory. I did have a little problem with something? Size issue,not in stock item that I was charged for? They made good right away and gave me higher priced updated merchandise,free RIO line. I bought three sage one,and Xi3 rod with sage reels from them, my rod orders get to me in three days. Sorry to hear you had bad service with them
  4. This in NOT to be confused with TROUTWATER, one of the great, local fly shops with a shop in Ellensburg and Cle Elm that gives excellent customer service.
  5. I guess Porter didn't read the part where I noted there was no local.
  6. Was there a place 2.5 hrs away? OK, I understand. That sucks. Good thing you didn't have a big trip planned counting on this. I have read about a lot of on-line purchase complaints and many deal with out of state purchases and poor service. Kinda like your get a speeding ticket for doing 4mph over in another state.
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  7. I have purchased a few things from them and had no issues. Sorry to hear your experience wasn't good.
  8. Never had a problem with them on the few purchases I've made.
    Orders were processed correctly and delivered within a week.
  9. The only purchases I've made from them were specialty lines for Stillwater trout fishing. All were purchases made on their knowledge and recommendation. Delivery was prompt. No complaints.
  10. I've ordered Lamson reels from them a few times and have never had an issue. Reels always showed up within 5 days of placing the order.

  11. I've ordered from them a few times & have not had any problems. One time the line I ordered was out of stock so they upgraded me to a better line for free. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully they get the bugs worked out.
  12. I ordered from them once and not only got a discount on a reel - I didn't even ask for it.
  13. I think it's only fair that I acknowledge how a lot of you have had great service from them, it's just that I have not, and it was one instance, and I was forewarned. I just think it's ironic that I was warned how it could be slow, but it went so much worse than that that just slow would have been a pleasure.. The hell of it is, if they'd not just left me hanging without a word and then lied about what happened I'd not be writing this. If the original correspondence had said "We may not have it, we may have to ship things seprately and it may be a little while" then I'd have been fine with everything, even the wrong item having to be returned. For a good price I was willing to wait, but I wasn't willing to be told it would be quick and prompt and then have someone make up a bunch of bullshit stories that nobody in his right mind would fall for, and then on top of that have the orders be late and wrong. To mucking fuch, as the saying goes.

    I applaud you guys for giving a shout out for the good service you got and giving some support where you think it's justified. I'm not going to be disappointed with the gear, the rod is nice and prices were excellent. Let this just serve as a warning to call personally and insist on availability, shipment status and tracking numbers when you pay.
  14. Call your credit card company and report them to the Better Business Bureau. It's fun when someone pisses you off and you pi$$ in their fruit loops!
  15. 9iron, as the one who tipped you off to the deal at Stillwater, I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

    Yes, my rod did take more than a month to arrive as they said they had none in stock when I ordered.

    And yes, they did initially screw up on the line that arrived with the rod. The sent me a OB Short Tropical instead of a coldwater line.

    But they were very polite and apologetic when speaking to them on the phone and the line exchange went quickly and well.

    So I guess the bywords for any online shopping should be: "caveat emptor"!
  16. Hey Dipnet, don't be sorry sir, you were doing me a favor. I'm not mad, just disappointed in them. I did save a good chunck of change, and as I mentioned to you before, I understood you were telling me there would likely be a wait and I was OK with that if it happened. What soured me was the process, which was either ineptness or deciet or both. It's great to save money, but it can definitely still be a bad experience when things go like they did. A little honesty goes a long way to maintaining integrity. Hopefully they learn that somewhere along the way.

    Again, I posted this as a heads up to prospective buyers. Due diligence brothers.
  17. Question? Is this the stillwater fly shop in central Oregon?

    With a whole 10 posts you come on here ranting and raving about lying people at a shop and terrible service. late shipping and plain out terrible people to deal with!

    You don't use your name!
    You don't write where your from!
    You have no pictures!

    So who the heck are you? could be all lies from another shop who wants to sell more items and are pissed at stillwater because they sell so much> I for one, am not going to let one bad apple ruin the whole barrel!

    You got what you needed - it just took longer than expected. I myself have never had a problem with them and just ordered more indi's from them if it's the shop in Oregon! And if you want some of the best trophy trout guides in central Oregon they are hard to beat.
  18. I bought a demo Sage ONE from them and it arrived in a couple days as described. Free shipping, no sales tax, rod was used but they provided plenty of pics for me to "inspect". Sorry you had a bad experience but it happens.
  19. This is one of the reasons that I like to see what I buy. Be it on line or in person. I've bought a few reels from Allen Fly Fishing. I asked to see the reels before I bought them. He was nice enough to send them to me so I could check them out. I ended up with two reels and one sent back. In the long run I also got a free reel. Since then I have bought several more things from there.

    It doesn't hurt to ask. If you trust somebody new they will trust you back.
  20. Yes, it's

    So, what, there's a post minimum for commenting on bad experiences, and you're the post count police?

    A lot of guys here don't use their real names, post pictures, or comment on where they live. So what. No, I am not affiliated with any other flyshop or industry business.

    No, I didn't get what I needed, I got what I didn't order, didn't get what I did order, and still don't have it squared away. Todayis the 17th, I ordered and paid on the 3rd, with a site that claimed to have it in stock and ship the next day. You must sho at walmart and feel that this is exemplary service.

    Are you a moderator? If not, what the hell is your problem? You come across as very defensive over something you are not involved in. I'm trying to pass along a warning about some crappy service, and you take offense? Strange dude.
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