Stilly Clarity

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  1. Aynone got the lowdown of how its looking today thinking about head out after work? pm greatly accepted
  2. It looked a little murky at Cicero when I drove over and the south fork looked really bad by the courthouse. Of course I didn't stop and really look so the main stem down lower could be alright. I can tell you that Fortson had hardly any current and was clear as a bell but I found 1 biter in an inconspicuous spot. Didn't fight worth a darn.
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  3. Was on the Stilly below Arlington last night. Visibility is a bit off. It is clear enough to fish and the little color was not all bad since it is still pretty low. I wouldn't NOT go because of the color.
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  4. with the clarity what it is everyone should be real careful where they wade. the kings and pinks will be spawning. lookout for redds in the tail outs and shallow riffles.
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  5. Update. Went down during my lunch hour this afternoon. Water clarity is a quite a bit down from last night. I went ahead and cast a big black wolley bugger on a sink tip line and 4 ft leader. Focused on an inside current seam and lost 3 and landed 1 Pink in about 30 mins of fishing. Kind of fun for a mid-day break. Back at work now. Bummer.
  6. thank you kind sire
  7. The main stem looked pretty puked today. All the color was from the SF. Looking at the USGS graphs, it should be clearing up nicely.
    The color didn't stop people from fishing. The bar below Hwy 9 was packed when I drove by.

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