Stolen truck and trailer on the Snoqualmie

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  1. This news makes me sick.
    Used to be, not that long ago that you could take a break from work and go fishing or hunting, or hiking, or whatever and not have to worry about these lowlife scumbag a-holes lurking behind every bush scheming to take away what you've worked so hard for.
    It didn't used to be this way...
  2. This is an outrage what people are doing.

    Always been scared of this. Scared to take my vehicles out cause everyone cutting the cat's off, so I try to fish close to them and I am still nervous. I just cant enjoy myself on the river anymore. To have someone steal the truck and trailer is just freaking crazy. When I had my drift boat was always scared to come back up to it and find someone cut my tongue lock and trailer would be gone, thank god that never happened. These things are happening right in the open, these people are not scared to do it and that scares me. What happens if I find one doing it, are they carrying a weapon? gun, knife, club, all you can do is call police and hope to good they don't see you and come after you.

    I hope he finds everything in good shape and we can find these individuals who did it. Hope it was all a prank! You know these shows that will steal a vehicle and then fix the thing up, we only hope.

    Keep us posted

  3. All the more reason to pack heat
  4. Low jack c'mon people onstar that's why we have these things.
  5. OnStar?

    I could see how it may help to get the word out quickly, but it don't take long to get the vehicle somewhere and take what you need and leave it. Guess it would depend on the experience and right tools of the trade of the people who took it.

    Now days it doesn't matter where you park, busy street or parking lot and still crap happens. People are brave to do what they are doing and do not give a S#^t what may happen to them. This isn't their first time and not their last.

    Just hope these guys are found or caught by enforcement, even though they will probably get a slap on the hand and go right out and do it again.
  6. About ten years or so ago, you could park your rig anyplace and go fish all day and when you came back to your rig everything was still there. Now a days you step out of your rig and turn around and if your not careful they will steal it out from under you.

    What happened, did Washington State turn into a den of thieves?????????????
  7. Howarth park is really bad. Parked in the parking lot, walk to the water and took a few pictures, came back and the car next to me had its window smashed out and the ladies purse stolen.. Fucking losers must be sitting in the bushes waiting for people to park and walk away..
    I sometimes feel like I wanna sit in the bushes and wait for these people to try and break into someones cars..
    Everytime I walk back to my car I almost expect my car to have been messed with or gone..
    Funny thing is, so far, the only place I had my car broken into was when it was parked in front of my house.. :confused:
  8. What's OnStar going to do for you? Help recover a trashed vehicle?

    I prefer Salmo's idea of the 3 S's. Shoot, shovel, and shut up.
  9. Don't leave home without it.

    This trend has obviously gotten out among the shitheads. They know our vehicles will be without supervision for a few hours, they are close to main roads, normally have some "goodies" hidden inside...easy pickins'. Same thing is going on at both Picnic Point and Meadowdale Park where I live (on the Sound). I think I saw "the guy" the other day at both spots, while I was trying to take the dog for a walk. Both places had windows busted out and he just happened to be there, looking way out of place. Called it in, but who knows. Driving a dark blue Jetta if you happen to frequent those areas.
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  10. It wasn't Washington but I remember one day was fishing a river, had my rod and my dads (he has passed) Hardy perfect in the back of my truck, canopy closed but not locked. Just went 100yds down road to look off bridge, was parked near four other cars and when I came back I saw my canopy door open! The rod was gone and so was the reel. No one in the parking lot and one pissed off guy. Didn't care about the rod, just the reel. People will take anything!

    The days when you could keep another rod in your car, not now. Hell, I have came back to find my gas cap on the ground and barely enough gas in my tank to get to station, WTF! Used pliers to punch down barb while at truck getting ready put them on bumper and walked off to river. Come back and they are gone. Stupid little things, but they get into cars, camp sites, leave an extra rod on bank and not there when you turn around, what next?
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  12. Why not the AX50? Bigger hole might help deter his toothless friends.
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  13. +1 on that.
  14. We need a remote webcam that you can put in your car and is connected to your smartphone that is motion activated. So, when there is movement by your car, your phone sounds a alarm and brings up a live feed of your car so you can call the police and get a description of the person at the same time.
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  15. The people I know who have shot and killed other people must be such wimps, because they all speak of it as an unpleasant life changing event. Now of course not as bad as having your car stolen man that will ruin you for life. The many people I know (myself included) that have had there car stolen or prowled think probably about it daily for the rest of their life. You guys packing heat looking to kill ya some tweaker car thieves must be cut from sturdier cloth.
  16. I don't think anyone is looking to shoot some lowlife tweaker. Rather just bury them up to their chin and pour molasses on them.
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  17. Or, just pay for their dental work and have them be ridiculed by their buddies.
  18. I won't speak for the the 11-bravos I've met, but nobody in my unit ever lost any sleep over it, and it certainly wasn't "life changing"-well, for us anyway.
  19. Three tours in middle east...wouldn't lose a second of sleep if I had to defend myself. Don't mean to sound like an a-hole, but why carry it if you're afraid to use it. And, as stated earlier, I would only use it for self defense. Catching some tweaker cutting my cat off doesnt, by itself, constitute a situation for lethal force.
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