Stolen truck and trailer on the Snoqualmie

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  1. Update - Trailer found, truck still missing.
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  2. After someone came and knocked on our door telling us that they'd seen someone trying to break into our truck a couple of years ago (when there was a rash of thefts in our neighborhood) I looked around for an affordable GPS tracking device, since I'd much rather be able to use a web-enabled app to instantly track my care instead of waiting for police equiped with a LoJack thingy to find the time to hunt for my car.

    At first it looked like pretty much everything required a monthly subscription, but I found these guys who sell an in-dash unit(takes about half as much dash disassembly as a stereo-install, then plugs into your ) for ~$150, and sell a-la-cart traces, so there are no ongoing fees. I think I paid about ~$20 for 20 traces, but I think that they have cheaper plans as well.

    I can vouch for the fact that it works very well in both urban and super-remote areas, and now it looks like they even sell a "Starter Interrupt Relay" that looks like it can be used to remotely disable the starter (don't think that they had that when I bought it). If you get the package I got (didn't have the stater interrupt relay when I bought mine) it will probably set you back ~$200 (if you do the install yourself), but it's cheap insurance and might even get you a discount from your insurer.

    Worked well for me so I thought I'd pass it along.
  3. Sorry about your truck Stonefish. Glad your trailor was recoverd and hope your rig follows suit and soon.

    (I didn't intend for this post to get so long and hesitated a long time before hitting "Post Reply".)

    Did a bit of surfing and learned WA rates #6 in a ranking of highest vehicle theft rates by state. It also leads the nation with 71% of stolen vehicles recovered (that article did not indicate the condition of these recovered vehicles). CA leads the country in number of stolen vehicles.

    One article indicated states and cities that are close to the U.S./Mexican border have a higher incident of theft due to the ability to sell them across the border. It also stated WA has a high rate due to it having easy access to Canada.

    I found it interesting that in the half dozen or so web sites I read, not one not mention drugs or drug users as a significant factor in vehicle theft rates. This came as a huge surprise to me. WA use to have a record seting number of meth labs, but as of 2012 we have come way down with only 8 labs reported that year. This has been attributed to keeping cold meds that contain pseudoephedrine under lock and key. We do happen to be were the two major meth manufacturing areas northern distribution routes converge.

    I still wonder if meth users are not selling stolen vehicles to those who sell them accross the border.

    Drugs are not a victimless crime, society is the victim. It causes me great mental anguish when I think that tax dollars are being given to drug users so they can continue their destructive choices, choices that destroy themselves and society's peace of mind (personally, I don't put marijuana in this category, and no, I don't use it). But I wonder if you total all the costs, financial and societal, if it wouldn't be cheaper to subsudize them with houseing, food and dope. It might be cheaper than rehab, prison or crime. It's sad that things have devolved into a condition to where this cockamamie notion found enough traction to crawl it's way to the front of my brain.
  4. I knew people who would steal more shit from people for weed then meth. People stealing for weed is very high, just not as stupid and aggressive as people who steal for meth.
    A weed user would steal your tools or jewelry or those types of things, where a meth user will steal the aluminum off the side of your house and all the wiring out of your car..
  5. One of the most important things to remember is that if you pack a weapon BE PREPARED TO USE IT without hesitation, or most assuredly they will use your weapon on you . I like many vets who have had to kill or had someone try to kill them know tis onlt too well although I do like the bury em cover em with molasses especially in bear country :D hope all is found
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  6. +1
  7. One trip I had my friend go get the truck and trailer when I came back to the ramp, he came back saying your trailers there but the truck is gone! I laughed and said quit messing with me and than found he was serious!

    I was in Oregon, launched in Rainier and took my drifter across to the mouth of the Cowlitz for salmon fishing. when I called police they came and told me "yeah they come over the bridge from Washington steal rigs and drive back over" strange how they knew exactly how and where they were doing it but had not stopped them.

    My truck had custom lift, brand new tires, and custom bars so the first thing I did was go to all the 4x4 shops in Kelso and give them a list of custom parts and vehicle description. than went to police station to make sure they had a list of all custom parts and description of vehicle. I wasn't going to rely on police to worry about my truck and just hope they randomly pulled it over. all the shops had a list of parts and the police office also had a list so that when sold they could connect it with my truck and trace!

    They pulled the guy over 3 days after he stole it and I was told he had over 200 keys on him (kelso washington) tires and wheels traded for bald cheap crap, music system gone, but the bars were still on and one of the reasons they pulled him over! my work on description and parts to look for!

    They called me while they had him pulled over asking if this was my truck, I had to give vin. number and description to confirm it was mine. then they told me they had to tow it and i would have to pay for it. What a pain in the ass. but the guy got busted and thrown in jail. I suggest doing a bunch of work yourself on your vehicle to help the overly worked police force.

    We were having brake-ins at the troutdale boat ramp on the Sandy river. I lived close and went to a block meeting with police and was told they check the area for homeless people twice a year. there are camps all over on the other side of the freeway. than the officer told us they usually find 6 to 7 "wanted by warrants" homeless living in the area! the police station is 5 minutes from this area in Troutdale and they only check these people twice a year! I was "OUTRAGED" and chewed the officer out in front of a bunch of old people who didn't say shit "BLOCK MEETING" 5 minutes away and they only check twice a year and find people who have warrants every time in multiple numbers! This in my opinion is a "BUNCH OF BULLSHIT" when asked what happens when these people come in the neighborhoods and brake into cars and the such I was told "OH THAT'S JUST SMALL CRIME" and that they don't worry to much about that.

    I try and stand behind the police but when shit like this happens and you deal with all of it you learn what "YOU" must do to "PROTECT YOURSELF" and do the homework yourself.

    These parks are homes for the homeless, even in town now the parks are full of people sleeping on park benches everywhere, out of money and desperate! I live some 10 miles from downtown and every park has it homeless. I don't pack all the time but my pump shotgun is loaded and leaning against my bed post!
  8. Another time I was duck hunting in the gorge off the freeway and walking in. had hunted the day before and parked in the same area way off the freeway in a spot that gets used a lot for parking.

    All of a sudden my cell rings, I answer and it's Derek my friend who is on this site. he explains there is a "tow truck" hooked to my rig!

    Now let me explain something! both days I was passing a red tagged (means tow vehicle left on side of highway) police will red tag vehicles when left to long and it was about 1 mile up the freeway where this tow truck would have to drive right by to see my rig way off the road that was not red taped but "CUSTOM BUILT" for plenty of parts to sell fast. the local tow truck was hooked to my rig though and not the red flagged chevy blazer down the highway! the only reason this guy didn't steal my rig was the RR working in the area and someone knowing my rig and calling me! The tow truck had left of course before I could get there with my shot gun and force him to wait for police and explain to them why he was hooked to my rig.

    Now I called the local state police in The Dalles and reported it and wanted them to research the local tow truck places in town and see who the hell was tying to steal my truck! "THEY BLEW ME OFF" saying it's fairly normal for tow trucks to clear parked vehicles from the freeway. even after I explained how far off the road and the red flagged chevy he had to pass to get to my rig "THEY COULDN'T GIVE A SHIT PLAIN AND SIMPLE"

    I called local tow services myself and went on a rant with each one about one of them trying to steal my rig and state police were notified of this so maybe they might think twice next time they hook to a non tagged rig with a tagged one so close by.

    But man make sure you wear your fucking seat belt and don't talk on your phone or you will catch hell!

    If you think tow truck services - metal selling companies - parts and services companies and many more "COMPANIES" from trailer sales to parts and service don't dwell in "theft of vehicles" ---- think again!

    And it's no longer meth, it's Heroine. because of OXI CODINE --- heroine is just as easy to get now for the younger generation as it is to get meth and almost as cheap!
  9. Shoot someone.... then go to jail. I'm all for gun rights and self defense, but shooting someone for stealing your rig...?
  10. Serious consequences for someone who was doing society a solid.

    I'd never be able to pull the trigger on someone who is only stealing my car. Beating them into the afterlife with a baseball bat wouldn't be out of the question.
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  11. A few months later, the thief's dad was busted for stealing a car... Like father like son. I think they should make that guy a cop as part of his sentence. Hitting a guy from 60 ft plus away, in the head... that's a good shot!
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  12. Get yourself a "throw-down" don't know what that is? too bad I'm not telling you.
    Shoot the sob and then call the cops. "But officer it was clearly self defense, there's the weapon he shot at me with, on the ground next to him"

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  13. Thanks a lot, Obama.
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  14. LOL
  15. No, you got it all wrong, it's Bush's fault...:rolleyes:
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  16. Yeah......I call Bullshit!
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  17. People steal because they are f'n losers. Who cares what they're on. Until there are negative consequences to their actions, nothing will change. We all know that this behavior isn't even on the police's radar and as such nobody gets punished. If a few of these dirtballs were caught and thumped on, maybe they'd learn. I'd have no problem beating someone into submission for any crime against my property. Completely their choice having put themselves into that situation. I have nothing but respect for our police but it seems more important to enforce traffic violations than more serious crime.

    I'd also have no problem showing up a minute after someone launches their rig just to watch. We could actually coordinate this to show up (maybe sit back in a non conspicuous area) for a bit after someone else launches before we launch our own rig. Last person to show up does so in a car or bike and watches from a distance for an hour or two. All we do is talk about it while these people hit the same areas over and over.
  18. remove distributor cap before leaving vehicle
  19. Don't most cars/trucks built in the past 10 years have solid state distributors instead of mechanical distributor caps? Can you pop those out just as easily?

    Another option to consider is a hidden kill-switch.
  20. I have an old vehicle.

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