Stolen truck and trailer on the Snoqualmie

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Stonefish, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. One thing I've found better than a firearm is proper insurance. I've had my stuff stolen twice out of my vehicle in the past 10 years. Both times, insurance covered the loss. It was still frustrating, but the pain was short lived.
  2. Where's the truck? Any updates??
  3. Have you heard about any missing tweakers lately? Neither have I.... ;)
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  4. I don't know, if you chop 'em up just right they look sorta like dead humpies........

    " No officer, I swear those things with human teeth are salmon. Honest."
  5. and smell like them too!
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  6. Who's threatening? for me, it's a guarantee. In my county, over half the people carry concealed on a regular basis. Including me. It's the gomer's job to tell which one's not carrying. The axiom is; where you can carry, you usually don't need to, and where you can't, it's usually necessary. Detroit, DC, and the entire state of California come to mind pretty quick. In some areas of the country (here is one of them), folks regularly practice. We're fortunate here because there's plenty of national forest to shoot in, so a couple of times a week we hit the impromptu range. When it's snowing, we head for one of the clubs in the area with covered ranges. We hit what we aim at. All of us, I'm sure, would hold at gunpoint any car thief while we call it in. However-and I can't speak for anyone else on the forum-if the creep began to act hinkey, I'd drop the fucker, period. None of my friends here in Leavenworth would hesitate, either.
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  7. Sorry Karl, I missed your post. Does Grossman have any combat experience? I read his bio, and didn't see any mention of it, and know plenty of brass who've never seen a bad guy. He taught at West Point, but there are, or were, a bunch of instructors there who've never been to a combat zone. My neighbor is closely involved with West Point since his son went there, and I hear about who's teaching, who replaced who, and so forth. My instructors were all Vietnam vets, and I decided to listen to them closely, so I'm sure I picked up some of their ideas on the subject in addition to having their experiences validated by my own.
  8. Alex, No combat for Grossman, which, I think, keeps him more objective. He did earn his Ranger tab which says he is capable in the infantry, training-wise, anyway. He provides his research not his experience, something that I think is the correct approach. If you haven't read his book, he provides insight into wars beginning many eons ago. I was particularly struck by his observations on the Civil War and also Vietnam. There is one instance he discusses of a Vietnam tunnel rat that one of my clients also shared. His work isn't necessarily a training manual for combat but more an assessment of the impact of taking another person's life. I think it was one of the best works on the subject I've read.
  9. Alex, I have no problem at all with a person holding a would-be thief at gunpoint until the police arrive, or to defend one's self should that person pose a threat to your life.
  10. I find that having a shitty car with nothing of value is the best defense, although I did make an over-large "fish bonker" this year. Can't afford a pistol atm, so I figure I might as well carry a whuppin' stick. Definitely calls for a higher degree of situation awareness though; don't want to take a fish-bonk to a gun fight.
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  11. Over on piscatorial pursuits someone said two trucks were recently stolen from the I-5 access on the stilly.
  12. Firearms are great (provided one knows how to use one) but I personally think drowning accidents such as someone hitting their head on a rock and falling down the bank into the river would be a much more tragic event...

    "911 how can I help you?.... yeah I'm up here fishing and I noticed someone breaking into my truck, shouted, frightening them, and in their retreat they slipped and fell down the bank into the river , it's cold and I saw them floating away and could do nothing to help them."
  13. We should bring back public hangings, beheadings, whippings, etc for the major perps, and return to putting lesser miscreants in stocks in the public square so that the locals can throw rotten fruit, stones, and cow pies in their faces.
    If we can't get back to that, then there are two private prison operators in this country that are great investments.
  14. As I am forced to wear the scarlet CA letters for the nearterm with the goal of changing that situation. Having noted that (sadly) and item to note: CA has some unique... individuals that are nurtured by liberals controlling the legislature with voting blocks from SF and LA. And then there is the governor. Beware... as this disease is spreading, sadly, elsewhere, including north.

    We don't have rapists. We have unique individuals with focused sexual adherence.
    We don't have drug dealers. We have unlicensed pharmacists.
    We don't have murderers, we have end-of-life enthusiasts.
    We don't have thieves, rather, we have material redistribution advocates.
    We don't have armed robbers, rather, hardware enhanced financial adjusters.
    We don't have perverts, scumbags, lowlifes, gang bangers or child molesters. We have individuals with "alternative lifestyles".

    There is nothing an American Criminal Liberties Union lawyer can't rationalize. The same goes for most liberals. As noted, looking forward to leaving CA. argh....
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  15. What they find if they come up here, is they're targets.
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  16. Update on the truck per my friend. Glad he got his rig back.

    My truck was recovered. Snohomish County sheriff responded to a fireworks call up off a remote road in Snohomish. Overshooting the address by accident, the cop noticed my truck about 75 yards away running on the side of the road. Guy gets out of the running truck and enters a small car that pulls up in a hurry. The car then drives off. The sheriff feels that looks suspicious so he turns around and pulls them over. Apparently the car had a license plate attached from another vehicle that was stolen so the woman who was driving was arrested as well as the man who was in my truck. Turns out they had to release the man due to some technicality because he wasn't pulled over in my truck? Bizarre is what I say. The sheriff was pretty pissed so he obtained a beer bottle as well as a few other items in the truck to take DNA samples. The only reason they are going this far is the guy is re-repeat offender and they want to put him away for awhile.

    Lots of damage but definitely fixable and I should have it back from the repair shop by next week. Crazy thing is, the cop I made the report with called me back and said it was indeed the same guy he told me he guessed it was going to be. This guy has been caught for this several times in the county and it seemed most of the other officers knew him by name. What ridiculousness...

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