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  1. We just had a thunder storm roll in. It has Thundered, Lightening, rain coming down in buckets, hail. My yard has about 2" of water on it. It' s dark enough for lights in the house. For a while there I couldn't even see across the street it was coming down so hard..Lots of wind was blowing but it is calm now. It sure is funny that the wind can whip through and ten minutes later it's calm

    It's been pretty dry around here so I guess the rain should be needed. Temp is 79. I was looking at the radar map on a weather site and another storm is right behind this one. We got a lot of water in a very short time.
  2. Same kind of weather here too, Jim. Earlier in the day, they issued flash flood watches for Chelan, Douglas and OK counties. Now, they just issued a warning specifically for the Icicle and tribs. I am not sure how, but the warning came on my cell phone cutting me off a call.
  3. haha same storm just rolled through here freestone. whole family got the cell warnings. absolutely intense 15 minutes of everything Jim described. i guess some quarter sized hail came down around the Cle Elum are somewhere.
  4. Rocky mountain west weather has always been schizophrenic. We sat through a similar event last year on the Madison. Fortunately we saw it rolling in and our guide made plans accordingly, tucking us up on the leeward side of a bunch of shoreline willows. It blew gusts at what seemed to be 50+, cracked, thundered and dumped for about 20 minutes... then, nearly as fast as it arrived, it left. We shook off the rain gear and resumed our float.
  5. I was just at Weather Channel. Where did all this rain come from. One minute the skies were clear and the next it was nasty out. It's a good thing the ground was dry because all the water has soaked in. I sure wouldn't of wanted to be out in this shit.
  6. Just natural weather patterns and cycles that have gone on for millennium. Imagine what fishing on Dry Falls Lake would have been like right after the great flood of the Columbia Basin... that would have required some T50 sink line :D
  7. TriCities got an impressive light show around 0300 . . . heavy rain, hail like dimes. Got it again earlier today again. Reckon I'll be carping at daybreak tomorrow so I can get off the water before it really heats-up. Triple-digits from 100-109 by Wednesday if the weatherman is correct.
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  8. Calm and low-to-mid '80s this evening on the Kitsap Peninsula!

    But this is a dramatic change from the cloudy drizzly weather we've been having. This 60+ year-old body is having a problem adapting to the sudden heat. I liked it better a few days ago!

    With the hot bright sunny day I think I saw more fly guys prowling the aisles of the local Sportsman's Warehouse than were out on the beaches or other bodies of water! ;)
  9. Yet another cell phone emergency alert with more thunder and rain. I hope all who ventured out today are safe! I guess I now don't feel so bad about having to work today...
  10. Only 60+. Wait a few years and the weather will really get to you.
  11. It's bad enough when you're in your lower 60s. I've been sitting on our deck at the rear of our house and tying flies. I made the mistake of going into the front yard where it's hotter than hell. Good thing I cut back the Rhodis and mowed and edged the lawn at 7:00 AM before it started to really heat up.

    Stupid weather.
  12. Yup. Hot.

    I got on Pass Lake at 4:45 AM and got into ten nice fatty rainbows before it heated up real good around 10. Off the lake by 11.

    Now I'm in the shade on my deck drinking cold beer.

    Life ain't half bad, heat or no heat.

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