Strange Trout

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cwbraue, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. cwbraue

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    I caught this little guy in a Snoqualmie tributary today. Most of the fish in there seemed to be cuttbows as far as I could tell (I don't have experience with them), but this one looks to me like a cuttbow crossed with a Brook trout?
  2. Derek Young

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    That is strange, indeed.
  3. Jmills81

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    alright i'll say it...Atlantic Salmon
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  4. Joe Goodfellow

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    Looks like a cutthroat to me I've caught some like that. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373780585.175555.jpg

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  5. That is a beautiful fish, whatever it is!
  6. Thomas Williams

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  7. Randru

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    Is there a reason that it could not be a hybrid? With all the crazy weather and toxins floating around the ecosystem I'm surprised they dont have a third eye by now... kinda like the Simpson fish.
  8. Pat Lat

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    It looks elderly. like a bonsai version of other nice sized cutts, maybe thats why there is so much color. A finite amount of pigment cells would look more washed out on larger fish and deeper and more contrasted on the smaller surface area of the fish you caught. Or not...
  9. Preston

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    Cutthroat are spring spawners, brookies spawn in the fall. Given the timing it would be rather difficult for the two to get together. The picture appears to me to be a fairly generic westslope cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi) Although not native to the western slope of the Cascades, westslopes washed down from mountain lakes where they were once stocked, have apparently become established in some small tributaries, notably in the Snoqualmie drainage.
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  10. Skysoldier

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    I agree with Preston, looks like a westslope cutthroat.
  11. Alex MacDonald

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    Nah, that's a "tri cities trout", better known as the "Hanford Reaction".
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  12. Steve Call

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    Hank Patterson, the famous fly fishing guide, mentioned them in one of his videos: brookthroat.
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  13. triploidjunkie

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    Looks dead
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