NFR Stroke sucks, you're not too young!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Phew... Sorry to hear about the stroke, Jim. I am glad you are recovering quickly. Pretty scary stuff. I learned a lot about stroke back in 2001. My dad was 77 and suffered what the Dr. called a "moderate" stroke. Unfortunately, time was not on his side. He lived alone and it took a couple of hours before a neighbor discovered he was having difficulty. He was gone in three days. The reason I mention this to just to reiterate that "time is brain" is accurate and quick medical response and treatment is critical for successful recovery. I am glad you were able to call 911 and get medical help quickly. Best wishes and prayers headed your way for a speedy and full recovery.
    It's a good thing you weren't fishing Ah-Di-Nah when this happened! Hang in there, Jim.
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  2. No doubt. Ah-di-nah would have been a real bad deal. My garage floor was about as good as it gets!

    Thank you Rod.
  3. Jim,
    Great looking flies!

    I am sorry to learn you are going through this. The Stroke and now the recovery. Good thing you are tough, mentally tough.

    I am 42 and had a stroke on Thanksgiving, that I didn't recognize as a medical emergency, and then another in January of this year. I was fortunate that my strokes either affected 2 small brain areas, or hit a part of my brain that had fewer pronounced symptoms. I had numbness in half my face/mouth and down my right arm. I have also had some serious vertigo spells. I don't know exactly why and neither does my neurologist. This month, August, I am beginning to feel as close to 100% as I have since last fall. I may have said that same thing back in May, but now I see that I was not quite there yet.

    Like you, I had no traditional stroke risks - I'm healthy.

    I understand having a stroke at this age is very uncommon, so you, Eric Wedge (45) and I are the select few! Maybe our support group will meet in the M's luxury suite, first game of each month :)

    Continue to get well and hope to meet you on the water one day Jim.

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  4. Jim,

    Nice to hear you are out of the hospital. Your flies show you have your dexterity back. Hope you get out soon but I'd like to see more of flies.:)
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  5. Jim,

    Thank God you're still among us and keep fighting to get better.
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  6. Thanks, Jeff. Glad you're back to nearly 100%! I will definitely be up for the support group meetings... ;)

    I fished the salt from my boat Saturday - couldn't double haul at all at first... timing issue between right and left arms. Got from piling up 40 foot casts to hauling and maybe casting 60 feet towards the end. Normally 80 feet in my sleep, 90+ with some concentration. Oh, yeah, no fish either. Hm.

    So, I fished Sky tributaries yesterday with my 2-weight and an EHC on 5x tippet. Much better! Willing rainbows and westslope cutts coming from nowhere to inhale my EHC made it really fun. Wading was interesting - at first my equilibrium was all hosed like I was leaning wrong - but that eventually corrected to normal wading and ripping through stuff. I was having to be careful yesterday as I was by my self, much to my GFs dismay... but my only other choice was stay home. Screw the lawn, there's fish to catch!
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  7. The above was reply to you. I get an error whenever I try to post the quote with the body. Weird.
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