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  1. It kind of looks that way doesn't it. That's too bad, I use their reel seats exclusively.
  2. Word from Anglers Workshop is they are closing their doors.
  3. too many upstarts selling good products at a price people can afford.
  4. Struble made the cream of the crop when it came to reelseats. Denser aluminum, better anodizing, great fit and finish especially on the threads.
  5. +1. I've been using Struble since I started wrapping rods in 1985. <8^(
  6. If you like Struble, check out Lemke Reel seats. Joel Lemke used to work for Struble, he is now turning out his own real seats. Here is the first one I turned this last week as I couldn't find the one I needed from Struble. I was told about these by a rod building supplier when I contacted them about getting some Struble hardware.

    This is black nickel. I turned the insert out of stabilized box elder burl.

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  7. Crooked....that is beautiful! I will absolutely be checking those out. Who do you get them from?
  8. Mike,

    I got these from Ron Weber. He is another custom rod builder. His website is
    Ron's website has the reel seats on there but, his site is a little outdated, but he is a dealer for Lemke. I worked with Ron last year on a couple projects for Casting for Recovery. Great guy! If you know what model of Struble you liked, Ron can help you with the cross over.

    Good luck,
  9. Thanks Mike! I will check him out.
  10. By the way Mike, what model is that one you show in your pic?
  11. Mike,

    That particular seat is a LC26 equivalent to a Struble A26. It is now mounted on a 11' 6" 7/8 wgt RB Meiser switch rod blank. Meaning it is fairly decently sized hardware.
  12. This is sad, they make the best reel seats.

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