Student Fly Fishing Photographer in need of help

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mac Holt, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Hi my name is mac holt, i am a student photographer and want to shoot some fly fishing in the next few weeks. i could supply all of the images to whomever wanted them. take a look at my website and check out some of my other work as well. Please let me know if i could accompany you on a day to the river!!

    Warmest Regards,

    Mac holt
  2. Might be missing it but, I cannot find a URL to your site in your profile, let me know if I am blind. Also, where are you out of, what areas are you willing to travel to, I assume within WA, to shoot.

  3. My Apologies. My website is i am willing to go just about anywhere in the state.
  4. Cool stuff.Nice Images on the website. Pretty sure that there would be a number of people that wouldnt mind being the the subject.

    Where are you located?
  5. Im located in the greater seattle area
  6. Student??? Jeez, man. That's some great work. Lots of different styles executed really well. If you ever make it down Olympia way and want to kick around, send me a pm. Again, really nice stuff.
  7. your more than welcome to follow me and help document my rising fame to internet forum superstar status
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  8. If you want to take pictures of a guy casting poorly and not catching fish, you're welcome to follow me around.

    You could title the series "The Don'ts of Fly Fishing"; "How Many Trees Can One Man Snag"; "Ouch, My Damn Ear"; or even something like "He Thought There Would Be Fish There, lol" or "Herping the Derp: One Man's Attempt to Hook a Fish".

    Disclaimer: I only pose nude when drunk, and I only fly-fish nude in the summer. Or when drunk. Just an FYI.
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  9. I would have happily offered my services but I just sprained my ankle so If you would like some boat shots, I'm your man.
  10. You've got a great eye, man. Some truly great stuff there.
  11. Well, you certainly have the talent for the job, Mac. Those are some beautiful and dramatic pictures. FWIW, I am impressed with your work. That picture of the stream would look good on my wall. But then I would be staring at it all day.

    Please don't be a stranger to the forum.
  12. Did P.M. you about Sat.
  13. Great photos! If you can make it down to Colorado, then i'd happily have you along for the day with myself and couple of fly fishing friends. We'd have a blast! Let me know!
  14. Great are definitely skilled in photography. I particularly like the lighthouse picture.
  15. You should photograph bass turds like one of your french girls.
  16. Wow just checked your site and your photos are really good.
  17. If you're ever in Portland let me know.

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