Suction Dredge Mining Rejected - NF of Clearwater

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  1. "One of the miners with claims on the river told the Lewiston Tribune the government should reimburse him for the lost right to mine."

    What an asshole. This is the same mentality that bitches to anybody in earshot about how government is too big and how his tax dollars are wasted - until he comes up with a scheme to get them to land in his pocket.

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  2. Two threads on the same subject. Isn't one enough.
  3. You know what they say Old Man....two threads on the same subject is better than one useless fishing report.
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  4. Yeah, but I don't do those anymore. I now catch fish. And I think that I will got back to the scene of the last crime and see if that big fish is still there with my Copper John.
  5. jim, a c.j. and a red san juan worm will catch a lot of fish. dont tell anybody. no one has any business mining on a beautiful river. mike w
  6. oops, i should have said the cj and the rsjw are fished in tandem. it does make a difference which is the point fly. mikew
  7. He is a asshole, really? Just after a free buck? Wow.......while you are sitting there here is some good tax dollar schemes you should look at. Just do a search for this "sue and settle" the tax dollars being handed out using this are yours and mine, and in turn are being used against us.
    I mine for a living pay my taxes and love what I do, you want to know what the fish are up to just ask I spend about two thousand hours a year in the water with them. I work areas with NO gold to build resting pools in small streams for some local fish runs. Did you know in heavily fished areas I can gather up to one pound of shot and sinkers a day, NO gold just lead.
    So while they bitch about dredging who was the one that helped the run and to clean our waters a little bit that day, thats right the bad bad dredger man me.
  8. Ken, most if not all of the folks who posted those 'No Trespassing' signs on their new claims on the NF Clearwater were indeed get-rich-quick folks. They bought their claims on eBay from scammers who filed master claims and then subdivided them with absolutely no intention of working the claims themselves. Their payoff wasn't in finding gold themselves, but in finding like-minded people who would pay them for the possibility of finding gold.

    The buyer who feels the government should 'reimburse' him for the riches he was deprived from making through mining on the NF is not just laughable, but a pathetic example of naked greed. His statement marks him as someone who's gonna strike it rich come hell or high water, either by finding the mother lode at the bottom of the NF Clearwater or in challenging the court's decision that recreation users and environmental concerns come first. Sue and settle indeed.

    Does that make him an asshole? In my book, yes.

  9. Kent,
    We know who the scammers are it's not the first time their names have come up. The people buying the claims knew better or should have, posting is prohibited under the guidelines of owning a claim unless you will be moving on heavy machinery to mine with. I would love to post my claims rather then spend a whole day cleaning up all the campsite along it 1 pickup load of trash per month is insane. The miners here are all up on arms due to the new EPA permit and most have know idea of any of the laws and in turn make us all look stupid. Is there gold on that area? yes there is and lots of it. Most of these guys are going off the mining act of 1872, and common since means nothing to them. With the new permit areas that used to be open to year round dredging have been closed, why? the EPA can't tell me know one can. Do I blame them for being mad, no, stupid, yes. I had claims shut down this year that have been on my family for over 90 years, why? once again I got nothing.
    He would never win a lawsuit and is just running his mouth, but legally he could mine that area anyhow under the mining act but I will agree that area should be left alone. Sue and Settle don't work for you and I or him, but it does pay. I'm not on this site to fight, but to try and stop the issues we all have with mining, fishing, boating on and on. If the EPA had it their way the would own the mud puddle on your front yard and that is bad for all of us. I will still mine my claims under Idahos permit and reg's. There has to be a solution for all the people not just some of them.
  10. Kent,
    Please do some looking on sue and settle. People who never new about it are in the same shock I was when I came across it just last year.

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