Sultan to Ben Howard Float Trip

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mtlhead, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Since the post has been dead for a few days now, I say lets put Sunday, Feburary 16th, at 7:00am in stone. We will need to figure out the transportation issue no later the weekend of the 8th, that way if anyone needs a ride or a boat, we have plenty of time to get it dialed in. At this time I would like to get a head count for all that plan to attend. If we get a good enough turn-out, it might make sense to all pitch in and rent a box van for the day, I think U-Haul charges by the mile and since it will just sit and wait for us, there souldn't be much of a charge. We will just wait and see how many really do want to go. Our only obsticle now is the possible early closure rumor floating around, lets just hope that's all it is.
  2. Bummer, well sort of. I'll be fishing the Sol Duc that day through Wednesday. Have fun.


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  3. Fisherman up!

    Count me in, I'll bring the Fishcat and my F-150 for retrievals, how's that sound.
    All you have to do it tell me what kind of gear to bring. I figure my 7 weight with a floating line and those bugs that Crump promised were in the mail from the swap.


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  4. I haven't responded, and hopefully its not too late. I bought a boat via Ebay and it should be on its way. Assuming it gets here by then, count me in. I have a Toyota Tacoma, and with a little ingenuity, we could probably stack two boats in my bed. Count me in, if all goes well.


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  5. since there are only 3 of us so far, I thought it would be a good Idea to bring this back up to the top again. Even if there is no sign of the Winter run by then, we all can float, fish, and fill each other full of BS all day, I'll even tell you about the rod I built for Ted Turner (LOL):smokin
  6. count me in :beer2
  7. If the steelies don't cooperate, what else can we hit? Are there whitefish in the Sky?


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  8. I'll pencil the 16th in, I have a honda passport...not good for hauling boats, but I can get 5-6 people with gear in the car and one boat on top. I will definitely need directions from Bellingham and some gear suggestions!

  9. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    I think I already gave out directions once on a previous post on this same subject but that was to the Big Eddy. The trip to Sultan is closer you only have to drive to Sultan. There is a signal light just before Sultan go thru that and just before you cross the bridge grab a left and that is the boat launch area along with the sewer treatment plant.

  10. Jim,

    Thanks for trying to help a "brother" out, however, I know diddly from Arlington south! Can you give me an exit off 5 and then directions from which? Pretty much my knowledge of Washington State is have Westside (everything form Center of mountain range to Pacific), Eastside (everything from Center of the mountain range to Idaho), Bellingham, Hwy-5, and Seattle! That is why I need to go on this trip and hook up with a few others so that I can at least have some more "opps" to choose from!


  11. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    Head south out of Bellingham on I-5. When you get to Everett take the First Exit(194) and it will put you onto US 2. Just stay on that road and you will get to where you are going. You will bypass Snohomish,go thru Monroe,After Monroe it is an 8 mile drive to Sultan. After Monroe just follow the other directions.If you get lost just ask and the people around here will help you as most of them are friendly.:professor

  12. If things stay static I would be interested in the float.
    I have floated it many times and have my own pontoon boat. I live fairly close to the river and have been stopping by and talking with the folks at the Lewis Street Bridge. So far I have only seen a nice 10lb hatchery fish caught by a gear guide. You might want to do the float all the way to Lewis Street as there are a couple of nice spots after Ben Howard if its not packed. Its also only a short (< hour) float if you don't want to fish the stretch.
    I will check back closer to the ddate to verify.

  13. Count me in! All of my climbing buddies are single and need to stay home for Valentine's Day to stay in good graces. haha:smokin
  14. I am in. I have a Dodge Dakota, can take a couple boats and room for one person w/gear. :thumb
  15. Count me in too. I have a Tacoma Ext Cab w/ a Canopy and can fit another boat and person. I live down in Issaquah, so if anyone else is down this way I would be happy to carpool.

    As far as gear, I have an 8wt and a Rio multi-tip line, but could use recommendations on flys and leaders.

  16. Same here, if anyone is on the way South of Bellingham and would want to carpool...? Also, I have a 8/9 wt, 6 wt and need some info on what I should bring concering flies/lines/depth name it I'll try to find it or bring it!
  17. Mtlhead,

    I have it penciled in for the 16th and should have a lock on my schedule in the next couple of days. I have a suburban so will have room for several people and a boat.

  18. bring a 9'-9'6" rod in 7 or 8wt, a reel with a good drag if you prefer these reels for 10lb+ fish, multi-tip lines are the norm, but at least a type III sink tip line if thats all you have. As for fly's, my box is full of various leach patterns, as well as come classic steelhead patterns. also bring something to eat along the way, it's about a 6-8 hr float. Most importantly, dont forget to pack some squares (TP) becuase there are no porta potties along the way, and I don't think you want to wipe with your waders if you have to go!:smokin
  19. I am assuming the float trip is still on. I have a suggestion for the trip. Why don't we all carry one garbage bag each to pick up trash along the way. I don't know if we will find much with the high water and all but its worth a try. I try to pick up line, paper, beer cans and such everytime I go out, but with a big group I do believe we could have a good impact on the garbage.
    Sisu, its what America needs:+
  20. Mike, sounds like fun although I don't stealhead I could go for a drift and a casting practice and smoke cigars. Give me a yell and maybe we could shuttle boats. Jim Brodie.:beer1

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