Sultan to Ben Howard Float Trip

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mtlhead, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. I'm in, thats one hell of a good suggestion! I know that not everyone will have the room for another bag on their boat, but you can count on both of my boats having enough room for 1 ea.

    On the topic of the trip, it's still a go for Sunday, Feburary 16. I've recieved some e-mails from various people interested in going, sorry that I have not replied yet, but the more that come the better! If I could get everyone that plans to go to send me a e-mail at with your phone number and a good time to call, if you have extra room, if you need a ride, or have any questions, by Friday, Feburary 7th. I will call each one of you and get things set up, I want to have the weekend to nail down the logistics of the trip so there won't be too much confusion the day of the float.

    Remember to bring a garbage sack if you want to help with the clean up!
    :beer2 :beer2 Mtlhead:beer2 :beer2
  2. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    What do you mean you don't steelhead. You were out in the river with us fishing for sea run cutts,what else do you think swims in that river. Steelhead and at the time that we were there,there were also steelhead in there.

  3. Bill,
    I'm trying to free up the time (I have to get someone to take by 3rd grade Basketball team)but I live in Issy and would love to hitch a ride.
  4. I firmly believe stealhead are an Indian myth. I believe I will try something with better odds of success such as unicorn hunting. J.B.:beathead
  5. O.k., I'm in too. Great Idea sisu. I'll be in the Lavro, so you guys can haul a bit of gear and trash in the back. Sounds like fun. Maybe a new thread is in order as this one is getting long. Again, the garbage clean-up idea is a great idea. Kudo's! :beer2 YT
  6. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    Yeah,one would think that. Even when they are in they are hard to catch. My luck was a little better when I was fishing on the dark side.


  7. YT,

    I don't know if you remember you gave me some driftboat advice...well I wouldn't mind bringing my boat on this float if you could ride along and give me pointers or show me a few techniques...since I heard more than once you are "Driftboat King"...(at least this is what Macrowdy says!)? I have floated the Skagit, however, I know nothing about this float or how technical it is.
  8. ya, I remember. I hope it helped you out. I'm definately NOT the drift boat master. You must remember to take anything and everything Rowdy says with a grain of salt. He's the king of hype, he's the Don King of this forum. I'll slap him around and get him in check. This float that these gents are putting on is pretty easy. In fact, really easy. Bring your boat, I'll bring the lavro, and we'll all have a blast. Bring your garbage bag for clean up! :beer2 YT
  9. As of now I would like to partake in the trip. I fished this section last Saturday. Couple of dollies. No Metal.
    You should have people check the streamflow for the Sky at Gold Bar the morning of the float.
    Anything above 10,000, don't waste your time.
    I have a Bucks Bronco and a garbage bag.
  10. I'm in. sent a e-mail to you. Anybody need a ride, I'm in Kirkland, have a 4-runner and can probably haul my boat and one other. Wouldn't mind grabbing a U-Haul trailer if we need one, but need to know soon to reserve it. Bart
  11. Is the float still on for the 16th???
    Sisu, its what America needs

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