Summer creek fishing video

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  1. I put the pictures from my micro stream report and brookie stream report into a video along with a couple new pictures, I don't make the best videos but enjoy.
  2. That little skinny water is hard to beat. Nice of what you have here.
  3. Small streams are by far my favorite place to fish
  4. I don't mind catching smaller fish. My ideal size is in the 12" to 14" size. A big fish is a bonus.
  5. Yeah I have a lake full of 5+ pound rainbows a 5 minute walk from my house and I still go and fish the creeks that are a ways away much more often
  6. Skinny water and small fish are awesome!! Thanks for sharing
  7. Awesome clip! Now you got me thinking of trying one of the holes I found recently. I've seen fish in it but I first have to figure out how to go about it since it has a lot of vegetation which would make casting extremely difficult...
  8. Thanks wa fly,

    I remember some of those pics from your post earlier.

    Small streams/small fish are the best. I spend more time on my 2wt than any other rod
  9. very cool. thanks for sharing.
  10. How do you like that 1/2 wt?
  11. It is a great rod and not really expensive. I cast it with a orvis silver label 1wt line, this is a sweet rod for small fish. I plan to buy the TFO finesse 6'9" 1wt before next summer.
  12. I using a 2wt tempt. I thinking of going smaller.
  13. Well from what I have read the 6'9" 1wt is a better rod, but if you are fishing really small overgrown streams the half weight is perfect. They are both nice rods though just don't expect them to perform like like longer heavier rods, and it takes practice to cast a rod that short accurately or even keep a stable loop. But should pick it quick I didn't find it that hard.
    here's the link to my review of the rod.
  14. Thanks for the info!
  15. No problem.
  16. I am looking at a 5'8" 0wt from RDP fly rods
  17. I really like the 2 wt for the south fork of the Snoqualmie but I have found some skinny water that a 7 ' rod is just to long.

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