Summer salmon fisheries have chance to be fantastic

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  1. The Seattle Times is pumping up salmon fishing prospects for this summer. It might be a good year to pick up a beach chinook on the fly?

    Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca are expected to be good for hatchery chinook.
    “The forecast is strong for hatchery chinook, and the best we’ve seen in the last decade, but the proportion of wild fish continues to shrink,” said Steve Thiesfeld, a state Fish and Wildlife salmon resource manager.
    Add more than 6.2 million pink salmon (5.9 million in 2011) and 882,134 coho (732,363 in 2012) returning in late summer. Those will be bolstered by a British Columbia pink forecast for the Fraser River totaling more than 8.9 million, plus a sockeye run of 4.7-plus million.
    Pinks return in odd-numbered years, and coho that normally arrive from late August through September tend to come in much sooner and right on the heels of pinks.
    The Puget Sound coho fishery last year was one of the best anglers had seen dating back at least 12 years.
  2. DB, Looking forward to it
    either way....My freezer is
    empty and my neighbor has
    agreed to smoke those
    filthy pinks for me. Do I
    have to touch them ? eeew.
  3. You don't have to touch the pinks Dave, if you catch Coho instead, for cripe sakes!! :D
  4. Larry, for some reason you can't
    keep those disgusting fish from
    taking a fly. I'm going for the Coho
    but I know I'll hook some of those
    stinky pinkies.
  5. "The Puget Sound coho fishery last year was one of the best anglers had seen dating back at least 12 years."

    Did I miss something? I thought that it was miserable.
  6. Then yes, you definitely missed something.

  7. There were swarms of average sized hatchery silvers in MA -9 and MA-10 in 2012, but it was not spectacular for the bigger wild silvers. I heard things were tough in the south Sound. The predictions say there will be more Snohomish and Skagit silvers in 2013.

    I know you'll be loving it when that first pink eats your fly, .... at least until you see the spotted tail, pointy beak, and tiny scales.
  8. The 2012 coho fishing in the Seattle to Everett area last fall was exceptional. The gear guys did great on smallish coho. Unlike norm for the last few decades those coho were actively feeding all through September with nearly every fish having "stuff" in their stomachs. Wonder with the fish's small size and abundant feeding opportunities the fish hung in the bay and actively feeding than normal. Those fish without a doubt were by far the best eating Puget Sound coho that I can recall. Another oddity was that I know of several code wire tagged fish that were caught off Edmonds that had been released from Hood Canal hatcheries.

    While over all the coho run (those making to the river) was a good it hardly was exceptional. My own in-river coho by-catch while chasing sea-runs on north sound rivers was what I would call "normal".

    The 2012 coho season once again illustrated that great salmon fishing often requires more than abundant fish. It helps to have lots of fish but even more if they are accessible and willing to bite. Hopefully the massive wave of pinks (if they show up) drags lots of early coho that are both willing to bite and travelling along the beaches.

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  9. Last year was intersting for coho for me. Usually I catch a few on my parents area 9 beach, but it has really slowed down. Same for a bunch of old timers how fish gear there. At the same time, the seadoos and the powerboats towing inner tubes around have really picked up, often very close to shore. I sometimes wonder if it's connected.
  10. sorry, but i chuckled at the title of the article... "a chance to be fantastic"

    isn't that the case every summer?
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  11. I'm ready for some salt action.
    One thing I'm looking forward to is hopefully some larger silvers showing up this year.
    Looking back since 2001, it seems the silvers have tended to be larger on the odd years.
    Last year seemed to buck a trend at least for me, as my even year silver fishing hadn't been great starting in 2006. While last year offered really good numbers, as mentioned the fish seemed to be smaller on average.
  12. That sounds about right. I never really put in a lot of days last year, but when I did I had to pound all day to get into that 20 minute bite. Most years I can boat 10 fish in a morning. I was fishing MA 11 & 13.
  13. On the subject of beach and estuary chinook on the fly:

    Here is a very nice pattern from Blair Alexander called Blair's Baiter that has worked well for me on beach and estuary chinook (MA-5/6 and 8/9). I've had success early mornings on an ebb tide and sighting for fish. Local estuary experience/knowledge and timing is an important factor as well as just plane luck. For timing start mid-July to 2nd/3rd week August. Even number years have been best for me. Using Pink Bucktail can be a little more successful for coho and especially for pinks.

    Best of luck for perhaps a banner year.
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  14. Thanks for posting that pattern TacomaRed. I remember the great morning you posted about last summer with the 2 nice chinook photos. A big chinook on the fly rod from the beach is a huge thrill ride. I'll be praying I hook into one again this July.
  15. So excited for this summer. I was just scouting out a potential beach the other night that I hope will take me away from the crowds in Seattle.

    Damn, I just can't wait!

  16. So it is true? Bigger is better?? :eek: :D
    I too am looking forward to the coho season. I found a beach last year with no one on it. I will be fishing it again, even tho one old man kicked me off. I may have to throw my pontoon boat in and just stand on his beach in it while fishing, or anchor up in 3 feet of water. I think it may be an early season beach as well, so I'm going to be hitting it in July.
  17. I am getting so pumped up!! Chinook, Silver, Pink, Chum.... I'll take any of em on the end of my line!

    Just towed home a 15' Smokercraft Lodge/25 HP Merc 4 stroke yesterday that I plan to put to good use this summer harassing as many of these slimy bastards as I can.
  18. Nick,
    Nice score and have fun out there this summer. That will be a great boatas well for fishing larger lakes and reservoirs.
    We really are lucky to have the big salty pond right in our backyards.
  19. I will be putting my 15' Boston Whaler Classic in the water for the first time tomorrow. Got a friend that is going to help me check her out. Really looking forward to spending some time away from the beach crowd this year.

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