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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mike Colagrossi, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. I interested in starting to fish for some Steelhead, and wanted some recommendations on good spots to hit up and any other suggestions? I live in North Bend so the Snoqualmie is easy for me to access and would be best. Any advice on fly's, gear, or good wading area's would be great!! Thanks !!

  2. Rivers:

    Snoqualmie: I haven't fished any lower than Carnation nor higher than Tokul Creek. There are a fair number of places to get on the river on that stretch (just poke around), though I can't say I've fished the stretch between Fall City or Carnation (seems like a fair amount of that stretch is on private land, or maybe I haven't explored enough; also, water in places I've seen doesn't look like great steelhead water). Just got to explore a bit.

    Skykomish: Buck Island (right on back side of Monroe below highway 2), IRS (up the road a bit, pullout at a gate with a fairly long walk across a field), Cracker Bar (by Sultan), High Bridge (outside Goldbar? can never keep those little towns on Hwy 2 straight), Ben Howard Park and 2 Bit (accessible from Ben Howard Road across the river from Monroe, further upstream), are pretty well known flywater spots on the lower Sky. Somewhere in the archives there was a post (6 - 9 months ago?) asking for info on the Sky and Ray Helaers had a response that hit on most of these with rudimentary directions.

    Hopefully someone will jump in here with thoughts on the Green, Stilliguamish and the Skagit system. Of the three, I've only fished the Stilly, and not enough to have much of a clue where to fish.


    6 - 8 wt rods, with good reel that has solid disc drag. Lines? You can fish a floater, with a fairly long leader and steelhead-style dry flies or hairwing style wet flies, or sinktips (Type III - Type VI, depending on the depth/speed of water you're fishing), with fairly short leader and hairwings, speys, marabous, buggers, etc. Water on the Snoq was high the last time I was out a couple weeks ago so I stuck to sink tips. Even with a Type V I wasn't touching the bottom all that much.
  3. I don't really target them anymore but there are ALWAYS fish between the falls and Plum's landing.

  4. I might be old---but I'm good.

    I attempt to catch fish on both forks of the Stilly and after August the main Stilly. There is lots of good access on the S/fork from Verlot to Big Four, Some of it is easy to get to and some is not. From the First bridge up stream of Verlot is where the road follows the river for a fair piece. The road is the Mountain Loop Hiway. It goes up over Barlow Pass and down the S. Fork of the Sauk

    The N/Fork is a little harder to get on unless you know some body. Most access is at bridges and any where the river meets the road.

    I like to fish the main river in August and September. Sea run cutts. Access where you can find it,and in odd years Pinks.


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