Sun, a broken line, some good bourbon, a fishing report...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. formerguide

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    So, I'm either extremely lucky or simply brought a little sunshine our way since I've moved here from AZ. The past 3 times I've been on the river have been sunny, warm and about as non WA spring-like as one can imagine. Downright weird...

    Anyway. Went out to do a little fishing earlier this week, took a new friend who'd never been to the OP or caught a steelhead. Pretty interesting, he and I both share a penchant for mechanical watches, which is how we struck a conversation in the first place (met him at the shop, noticed his watch is all...) But I saw an opening to float a river and I asked if he wanted to join me. Talked watches almost the entire 3 hours out to Forks the night before (I won't bore you with the details) but nonetheless, it was cool to talk about another passion of mine and, honestly, a nice change of pace for me.

    Downed about a fifth of Makers the night before, got a later start than normal on the float, but that was a nice decision by our guide, as we were more than able to space out a bit from a few others and basically had almost the entire day to ourselves.

    Even the early morning was sunny. Not too cool, a little mist on the water to begin the day, and just enough big clouds in the sky to make it picture perfect. Saw a huge herd of Elk driving to the river. Think I spotted 6 or 7 bald eagles along the river's edge (I know, there are a myriad of eagles and other raptors here, but I'm still both impressed and in awe of them, what can I say!)

    Hooked and landed a fish early on, which really takes the pressure off for the day. Now, any pressure felt is purely self-induced, and quite frankly, a bit ridiculous of course (first world problems for certain.) But it still just feels good to get one to hand, the rest of the day is gravy, and even though it shouldn't make a bit of difference, it does for me somehow. I'm now even more relaxed, able to look up at my surroundings and make mental notes of things and pictures not just fishing inclusive. And the water and surroundings truly were gorgeous. I'm guessing most of the people reading this have been to the OP countless more times than I, but hopefully you can recall just what those first few times were like, or better yet, I hope one's enthusiasm and amazement at the beauty of that area never wanes for you. I certainly would hope that that's the case for me.

    And for those of you not from this locale, well, if you find yourself out in the Pacific Northwest, then I strongly urge and implore you to find the time to see the only rainforest here in the lower 48, it truly is spectacular and inspiring. Oh, and there's the chrome fish fresh from the salt to tempt you as well, not a bad combination at all.

    Thanks again all, hope to meet more of you as the year progresses, hope you are getting out on the water a bit as well.


    Early morning light (or, I should say mid-early morning light, Maker's Mark morning that is to say...)

    Some pretty braids

    Lovely buck, first of a few

    Breathtaking really...

    Out of the boat, ready to work a run

    His first fish (first true steelhead, hell, first fish in WA!)

    Dime-bright is oft used and likely overused, but gee whiz, this fish was a mirror, as fresh as can be really...
  2. formerguide

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    Oh, and about that broken fly line... Let's just say operator error (mine) coupled with a big, pissed off steelhead, a log jam and a bit of bad luck, well, you can't land them all! Stop in the shop if you really care to hear the details, it's the ones that get away that keep you motivated for sure!

  3. ChaseBallard

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    Wait, an OP steelhead post with pictures of fish (and rivers!) that's been up for 20 minutes and no accusations of hotspotting or beads!?!?! What is this forum coming to.

    Nice post and pics Dan. Gotta love those rosy cheeks on the first one. And Maker's.
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  4. royalcoach

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    Did someone say bourbon ? :D

    Nice picts ... very nice !
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  5. William Wallace

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    Awesome report and great hair!

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  6. Ed Call

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    Outfreakingstanding. Great report Dan.
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  7. royalcoach

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    I thought that was a hat :eek:
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  8. Steve Saville

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    Nice report Dan! The pics are great and the "watch" talk always interests me. I was fascinated the day you filled Anil and me in on the watch forum.:rolleyes:
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  9. Jim Darden

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    Dan....nice report, but you have to learn to be complete. I heard no further discussion of the bourbon. We need to hear a complete discussion of the quality of the trip, not just snippits!
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  10. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    Hey Dan,

    Great report. It was nice to meet you last time I was in the shop. I've had no time for sea runs in the salt since I spoke with you. New job is taking most of my time.
  11. teedub

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    Not one damn picture of a watch!
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