Sunglass side shields

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hyde, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. I used to buy those simple black plastic side shields at Kaufmann's that slide on, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone have an idea where I can get them these days?

  2. I don't know if REI still sells them, but they used to have glacier glasses with them.
  3. I used those for awhile as well years ago on my oh so cool aviator RayBan's...not seen them around. Of course ever since buying cocoons (awesome) I haven't exactly been looking.
  4. Agree on the fit over cocoons. They're "the bees knees"!
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  5. Don't mean to hijack but has anyone tried the Cocoons with photochromic lenses?
    I'm wearing polarized no line glasses and miss the side shields as well, especially when the sun
    is at a right angle.

  6. The "Bee's knee's". Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Before our time, Jim!
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  8. hee-hee-hee :cool:
  9. Old slang is skookum, if not outright groovy :).
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  10. Seriously though, the O.P. asked a great question that should be top of mind for every one here.
    I spent a lot of time in my early days spring skiing on bright sun-reflected snow. Coupled with hundreds, if not thousands of hours staring at dry flies in the sun dappled ripples and runs over the decades have taken a toll on my eyes. They burn, after even a 4 hour outing now, even after wearing my Cocoons that block the light, not only from the sides but from below and above as well. I often have to wear sunglasses inside the house after an outing just to try and ease the pain. Eye doctor say's that it's from too much sunlight reaching my eyes over the years, but hasn't seen anything else wrong with them - yet.
    Take care of your eyes and protect them from the sun. Same goes with exposed skin, as Dryflylarry recently spoke of from his experience.
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  11. I've heard it before. It's just when you hear them old sayings it kind of makes you think. This Guy Greg, has to be an old fart. Like me.
  12. Try Midway USA or another shooting supply site. Lots of trap shooter use them.
  13. The bee's knees, man that's gotta be from the `20's? You ain't THAT old!
  14. I fish old bamboo rods and old reels too. Some of them from the 20's and some are even older than that.
    I swear, the darned things talk to me sometimes. Maybe some of their old time language is starting to rub off on me!
    Now don't forget your cocoons - they're "the cats meow"!
  15. I wear Cocoons myself. I have several of them.
  16. ha ha i heard my great grandpa say bee's knee's once and this made me laugh
  17. Why not go spendy and get a pair of Oakley Fast Jacket with XL lenses? Or go cheap at a local sporting goods store that has glasses with large curved lenses?
  18. Or you could do the dollar general and get the classes that have the full shield all the way to your ear and they cost like 10 bucks. You could be rocking it out like the Eagles.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet, but did find clear versions of what I'm looking for. I guess a little black spray paint and I'm in business.
  20. Hyde
    Can you share what you found and where you found them
    It's probably better than my duct tape creations

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