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  1. Let me start by saying I'm still in a bit of shock over the beating I watched last night. Awesome! Defence amazing,Smith all over the place, Harvin has got wheels, offence playing a he'll of a game 12th man in the house!. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Hawks we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. I call them what ever comes to my mind. It could be shit heads next time.
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  3. Go for it OMJ, we know that's what usually comes to your mind, first........shit, that is..........LOL!

  4. Now you are going to call them "Super Chickens" :D
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  5. Just threw this together to put it in perspective. Truly one of the best ever.

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  6. Some context thanks to USA Today: Neither the Bears nor the Ravens faced a Top 5 offense as their Super Bowl opponent.

    The Bears surrendered 10 points to the No. 9 offense that season, the New England Patriots, who averaged 343.7 total yards. The Ravens gave up seven points to the NFL’s No. 13 offense, the New York Giants, who averaged 336 yards per game.

    The Seahawks faced a different animal altogether in record-setting quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ offense. Manning broke every passing record this season, and the Broncos averaged 457.3 yards per game. Yet the Seahawks almost completely shut down the best offense in NFL history.

  7. I also read that the Bronco's did not face a top 10 defense this last season. That must mean the top defenses were in the same division as the Seahawks. It might also mean even San Francisco could have beaten the Broncos. S.F. had a good quarterback, a good running back and a fairly tough defense (at least what was in the divisional championship game)
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  8. Hank Patterson pretty much predicted it here:

    Good fishing tips tool
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  9. One of the post-game commentators said exactly that. Pointing out the dominance by the NFC West this year (30-10 record against non-conference teams), he asserted that the two best teams in the NFL were in the NFC West and that the real "super" bowl was two weeks ago when Seattle beat San Francisco.

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  10. As much as it pains me to write this, I think you're probably right about SF (ouch!) and that the 49ers could have played Denver yesterday with much the same outcome (damn, that really hurt!)

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  11. Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with Client Reese's opinion of Manning!!! ;)
  12. What's the word on Richard Sherman's injury... high ankle sprain is all I've been able to find... anyone heard??
  13. Yup. He should be fine.
  14. ...but without the spread we got. i'm not sure they could have forced (and converted) all the turnovers we did. but i fully agree that they'd have beaten the broncos!
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  15. I don't really give a damn, but I am enjoying the over-the-top happiness of several of my co-workers who have remained faithful to the Seahawks for so many years (driving over Cascade passes everytime they played in Seattle). No late-coming jumpers on the bandwagon are they...apparently there's no satisfaction like the vindication of the scorned.

    I guess I give them the same look my wife, floating in her kayak, gives me when I hook a 3 lb CT....clueless acceptance....but I am still waiting for my parade.
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  16. Speaking of parades, I joined 699,999 others for one of the most celebrated moments in our history today. It was worth the 38 year wait.

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