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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Oooh, Pick Quick!

    Nice! :)
  2. Had lunch with Linda (the long-time manager of the Beach) today and told her I was advertising her joint on this forum so I hope she'll buy me a drink next time I'm there! ;)
  3. Used to be this little place in Anacortes right in the Cap Sante marina, Captain's Table; had the best clam chowder I've ever had. The city "suits" decided to take out all the smaller slips for boats and enlarged them to handle 60-footers, and with that sort of "upscale" clientele, the Table had to go. Of course, we all own 60 foot yachts, don't we?
  4. Pick quick is excellent
    Good fries and cool little grease eatin birds flying around
  5. Fat Smitty's Burger on hiway 101 near Pt. Townsend is my go-to burger restaurant . An All American burger joint that honors those who serve in our military.
  6. I've also driven by that place, hundreds of times. I should stop in sometime. Problem is, when I'm going by, I've usually recently eaten, or I'm already running late for dinner.
  7. Skip the burgers at The Tav and go with the sandwichboard Rueben, it's magnificent.
  8. Doesn't food just taste better after a day of fishing. Sometimes it's all part of the allure of getting out and enjoying a day on the water to be rewarded with a good burger and brew. Personally I like the Ranch house burger from the Bar 14 in Ellensburg. Bobs burgers and Brew (Tulalip) while a chain has a good Ranch burger (fried egg and bacon) and a cold Mannys on tap.
  9. Was happy to see Fat Smitty's still open the other day on the way home from PA. Granny Farrell (rest her soul) introduced me at least 30 years ago. Stopping this time wasn't an option unfortunately but I plan to return soon...
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  10. Anyone know how many dollar bills are tacked on the walls and ceilings?

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  11. I grew up on Cow Corner - I took my kids up a number of times after I found out they were going to tear it down. Haven't been back to Oak Harbor since...

  12. I do a lot of back packing in the North Cascades each year and no trip is complete until I stop at Bird's View for a burger.
  13. Here's a place up on Hwy 20 near Pass, Cranberry and Campbell lakes. It has been remodeled and opened last week. The cheeseburgers are very good but could stand a bit of seasoning like salt and pepper. I've been told they are famous for their oyster burgers

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  14. Oh yes, the name of the place is Shrimp Shack.


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