Supporting Occupy Skagit - From Afar

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  1. One of the things we'd like to do on April 6th is collect names of those who support the movement to regain our C&R season on the Skagit. It will be something akin to a petition, but not binding, and will be carried to Olympia to help in illustrating how broad the support for this season is. For those of you unable to attend the Occupy or the Olympia meeting this is how you can still represent your support.

    For this purpose we would like to get your name and home town – we do NOT need your full address.

    To avoid duplicates, we ask you to reply by email and not to this thread. That way all the info is in one spot.

    The email is:
  2. A quick thank you to those that have replied so far.

    There is no such thing as too many - keep 'em coming!
  3. The day is approaching fast! And we talk to the commissioners the following week. If you are unable to attend either event, we can still show your support to WDFW at the commissioners meeting.
    Send us an email with your name and hometown to:

    Every single one of them is important. I'm getting emails from around the country which shows that the world class steelhead fishery that was/is still has a strong draw.

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