Surface film mid's

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  1. need some fly's for the surface slurp.
    missed many trouts today.
    any hints ?
  2. Parachute adams
  3. Do you have any idea what the trout were eating?
  4. Parachute Chironomid
    Very similar to a Klinkhammer pattern which allows the abdomen to hang just below the surface. I've had great success with these.
    I posted some pics of them in the thread listed below. Add antron to the butt to simulate a pupa schuck. Brown, black, olive or tan bodies are the colors I use the most. When pink ladies are hatching, orange, red or pink work well.
    Might want to have some Raccoons and soft hackles tied up as well.
    Hope this helps
  5. aquarium net is my idea. Scoop the surface and catch some emergers to ID.
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  6. These two.
    both were purchased.
    The deer hair fly is called a hatchmaster on page 155 of "Tying Emergers"
    The other has an amber shuck, burgundy body, small red glass bead, and white foam.

  7. I'd be throwing some nice small soft hackles, either in the film or just under. Maybe #18 for midges or a little larger for emerging mayflies.
  8. thanks all. yes they were on mids.
    Brian & jwg, those are great. Brian that is a fly i have seen before, but forgotten about.
    stonefish i will making those also. very deadly looking.
    must be just me, but i have noticed more fish feeding very shallow in the mornings this year.
    today they were in about a foot of water. they almost looked like Bonefish in the flats. course i have never fished bonefish so what do i know.
  9. thats tasty
    recipe please
  10. I developed this pattern a few years ago to imitate chironomid pupae hanging under the surface film. It has proven effective at times.
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  11. My thoughts on emerger fishing is "before one asks for a pattern one should see what one needs to match." That's why I'm a fan of the aquarium net survey.
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  12. Thus the question, do you know what was hatching?

    You can get a general idea of the size by the shucks but the color can vary considerably. Normally, I'll try the throat pump bit to see just what the trout are eating and also get a fairly good idea of the live bug color and size. I've seen some weird-ass colors for midge emergers that I would have never tried if I wouldn't have sampled the live bug.
  13. Hook : any 1xl dry fly hook
    Shuck : mallard flank feather fibres
    Gills : white ostrich herl
    Shellback : pheasant tail
    Body : peacock herl
    Hackle : dry fly quality brown (or grizzly)
  14. thanks
  15. I tie a Revised Raccoon that is very similar.

    The only different materials are:

    Shuck: Mallard Flank Natural fibers, Hareline UV Ice Dub Pearl (sparse, mixed)
    Shellback: 2MM Foam Tan (1/16" wide)
    Dub Finish Collar: Hareline UV Ice Dub Black (sparse)


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