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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by NIrodneck, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. NIrodneck Member

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    This is the third of these rods I have built but this one is a personal rod.
    Blank is a 11' 6wt 4pc PacBay, with a Alps triangular reel seat and PacBay minnima guides. Thread is gudebrod black and Pro thread black silver twist. The hookeeper is a Kigan XLA in black. Handle is Chinese Elm/guitar pickguard white/black/white and carbon fiber combination in modified full wells configurations.



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  2. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    Grips are looking sharp Mr. Ross
    What is that on the butt of the lower grip?
    Great looking build
  3. NIrodneck Member

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    It is jsut a silver and black coat button. I have been using buttons and round lapel/hat pins lately for my butt caps.
  4. John Wallace Active Member

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    Very nicely done!!!!
  5. WABOWMAN Active Member

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    Very nice!
  6. Quickbeem New Member

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    Very nice

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  7. Gary Knowels Active Member

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    what is the hook keep and where can I get one?
  8. NIrodneck Member

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    It is a Kigan XLA by Hydra. You can get them from Swampland Tackle or Bingham Enterprises. They are great! They will hold big streamers by clipping under and small dries through a hole in the top.
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  9. Kurt Schnell New Member

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    Very nice build. I really like the grip, did you make it?
  10. NIrodneck Member

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    Yes I build my own handles.
  11. John Weston Member

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    I just saw this. wow, another great rod done.