Switching Retrieve on SA System 2 Reel

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  1. I've sold my SA System 2 89M reel which is probably 20 years old, and the buyer would like to switch to a right hand retrieve. I can't find anything showing us how. Do you have a method?
  2. I have the same reel, and this is correct information. This from the SpeyPages forum, same question.

    "Take the spool off and then just pull the main cog up off the spindle and turn it over and slide it back on over the spindle. It should be black on one side and silver on the other, Black facing out and the reel is set for right hand wind, Silver facing out and the reel is left hand wind Hope that helps." You will have to disassemble the drag etc to accomplish this.
  3. Thanks Bill and Bob! We shall give it a try.
  4. I have a 6/7 reel and I believe that Bob is correct. I changed mine from left to right and it was a piece of cake. Might suggest that you clean the breaking pad with some alcohol while you have it apart.
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  5. only takes a few minutes!
  6. Yup. Been there, done that. But I was switching the reel from a right side retrieve to a left side retrieve. When I first started flyfishing, most reels were set up to reel from the right side and the first SA reels I bought I had to switch. Flipping the little doo-dad over was all you needed to do and that never made sense to me but that's how you do it.
  7. Lucky for me you all know what you're doing, because as popular as this reel has been over the years neither I nor the buyer could find anything about it online. It's like it didn't exist. If you want anything on the old Gunnisons info is everywhere, including the Ross site.
  8. It's interesting that the first fly reels were sold with a right side wind system. Traditionally, you reeled on the right side. For a right handed person, this made no sense at all. Two of my friends still have their reels set to wind on the right side yet they are right handed. This means they cast with their right arm and must pass the rod to their left hand to use the reel. This means they also must fight the fish with their non prominent hand and arm.

    No one has ever been able to explain to me the logic behind a right side retrieve for a right handed angler.

    We've traded off rods in the past and I always forget that they have their reels set up to wind back ass-wards.

    John, evidently the guy you sold your reel to must be either left handed or one of the traditional folk.

    Nowadays, most new reels are properly set up to wind with the left hand but I think just about all of them have an option for switching the retrieve side.
  9. Maybe for young eyes, but I guess our definition of "a few" might vary. Next time would be much quicker. Mine is different in that there is no black or silver side, both are black, but on one side there is a stamp reading "RH". That side is now facing up. As I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Puget Sound I was able to figure that sly code out on my own ;)
  10. There is no limit to the benefits of a good education.
  11. All the ones I've switched were all black... I didn't even notice the "RH" on either side. This meant if I dropped the direction changer disc, it was possible for me to install it so it didn't change the retrieve direction.

    I speak from experience.
  12. Not if Murphy is doing the work.

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