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  1. Thinking of a tablet for my granddaughter for Christmas. She's 13 and HS next year. Leaning towards MS surface rt, has student office. Thoughts? I know nothing.
  2. It sounds like u are in the same boat I am. We chose the kindle because it felt for straight forward. Although the kids dig the ipad right now.
  3. Personally I would avoid the MS and stick with Samsung or Apple, proven products and so many more apps available at this time. I have both and I prefer the Samsung, a lot more flexible than the apple but the apple is so easy to learn. For a teen that's the way to go, hell I gave an iPad mini to my mom last year for xmas and she's 79 years old with limited computer experience and she loves it.

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  4. I would spend time figuring out what the pad will be used for. I use an ipad mini and love it. My wife had a standard ipad and hated it.

    I wanted something for browsing, etc. My wife wanted a replacement for a larger laptop. An ipad has no way of storing data other in the cloud. She only kept hers for a week and passed it on to her granddaughter.
  5. My older daughter's high school switched to the Apple iPad as the primary "e-learning" device. She is currently a senor. On the plus side, fewer books to carry - and the downloadable versions are cheaper. On the minus site - basically a worthless device for doing any real work requiring a keyboard like typing essays. The wireless at school also occasionally goes down, which really limits what they expect to do. Also the lack of a USB port is a pain - something simple like transferring files via a USB drive or getting pictures off the camera are more difficult than they should be. If you want to subscribe to all things Apple, it is easier, but don't expect Apple to make non-Apple things work seamlessly or even at all. If she is going into high school, check to make sure that the device is compatible with whatever they are requiring.

    My younger daughter bought a Kindle Fire with her own money. I had sort of expected her to just use it mostly for games, but she has been tearing through books at an incredible pace - more so than with actual paper books that require a trip to the library or store. The ability to select words and get definitions has made her more comfortable tackling more difficult novels. She recently scored really well on the high school entrance exams on the reading comprehension side - which I think was partly down to the Kindle being such an excellent e-reader.

    My own choice would be the MS Surface 2 Pro. I need to read email, surf the web, and write documents. I seriously don't have time for the other 999,997 apps out there.
  6. I've had a surface RT for just about a year and it has proven to be the right mix of productive and entertaining. Kids use it all the time for homework, presentations, etc. as well as playing their games, watching videos, and using their apps. If you are getting the original Surface RT, I would recommend getting a "Type" cover which is more like a real keyboard for only $10-$20 more. If you get the Surface 2 RT, check out the new "Touch" covers as they improved it quite a bit for version 2 with more sensors, etc. so that may work just fine.

    There are also other options out there such as the Dell Venue Pro 8 which actually runs the full version of windows but in an 8 inch tablet. I got one not long ago and it's very cool but is a little less on the productive side. Of course I haven't gotten a Bluetooth keyboard for it or anything so that might change things.
  7. I have an ipad for school puposes, and I like it a lot, its how I normally post things on this website. Kindles are nice, and would make a great Christmas present. I'm asking for a reel and sinking-tip line for Christmas.
  8. My son, who is very computer and electronics savvy, chose a Google Nexus. It's a great price, and has the usual apps all of the others have, but if your daughter gets to the point she wants to change software, she can do it easily on the Google. My son wiped his clean and now uses Open Source software exclusively. His school gave him an iPad to use but he only turns it on when he really has to. Me? I'd love the iPad.
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  9. Yes, my daughter has iPad for school also, says how much she prefers Surface because she can do so much more with it, has USB for transferring files, etc. tomato, tomahto.
  10. Love my Google Nnexus 7 by Asus. Installed splashtop on it, and now I never have to leave my bed. My tying vise is getting lonely.
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  11. I have an IPAD.

    It is great for podcasts, my magazine subscriptions, timer, weather app, bird app, astronomy app, and fluffy email (stuff you read, but never answer), major league baseball app ( radio and tv games), ipad camera, google earth app, app for controlling my Canon 6d remotely, tv guide, tuneIn radio (all internet radio stations), skype, and find IPHONE.

    I read books on a nook color.

    Everything else, including net surfing, serious email, photo processing, etc is on a laptop.

    So I love my IPAD and use it a LOT. However, take a look at my list of things and you will find very few "traditional" computer uses. It really is not a replacement for a laptop.


  12. The ipad mini rocks for $400. But i am hard on gear, didn't want to spend that much. Bought a Barnes and Noble tablet.
    It is everything I need when away from my desktop. For $149. Jeez. Can't beat that. Great graphics, nice size screen, Google
    play accessible. Less than half the price of the Apple product. Not a perfect solution, but a good one. Going on three months.
  13. I have a Surface Pro. Sold my iPad 2 for it. Don't miss the iPad one bit. The Surface can do so much more. It's basically a full featured laptop, but in a tablet form. The iPad is basically a big iPhone. Was waaaay too limited for me. But that's because I need it for work productivity.
  14. Whether or not one device is better for the OP or not matters not to me as I think many good issues have been outlined here.
    However the above quote is not accurate both IMHO and factually.

    I use an iPad w/bluetooth keyboard to write all sorts of things including reports at work, would be fine for school essays.

    You can/should get a flash card reader for an iPad to download camera images, downloading straight from a camera to any computer is nasty slow.

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  15. I should also mention that I sold my iPad because it was too darn big. But that was before the mini.
    I might rethink this in the future, but......time is a line. My current tablet, as I said, is just about a perfect pricepoint/ functionality ratio.
  16. I would find out if she is an "apple person" with the iphone, mac at school, etc. Mac people are damn loyal, if not obsessed, with their mac stuff. If not, then I suggest the Nexus line. I have a Nexus 7 and really like the pure android, and you cannot beat the price. As others have said, tablets do not take the place of laptops. They are essentially for "info out" for browsing, looking at pics, etc. Laptops allow you to have "info in" through the physical keyboard.
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  17. My Surface has a bluetooth keyboard that doubles as the cover. But it is still the size of a tablet when folded up. So between the quality of this keyboard vs my iPad, the USB in, and full featured Windows 8, I'm definitely a Surface fanboy when compared to my iPad experience.
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  18. Those sound great, esp with Windows 8. Definitely solves the input problems of more traditional tablets and can actually be used as a laptop. I am envious!
  19. The surface comes with USB and SD card slot. No need to buy additional proprietary peripherals (Bluetooth keyboard notwithstanding) to do certain things so that's a definite plus.
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  20. What he said......he said it better than me or I (whatever is correct).

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