NFR Tablet?

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  1. I haven't research it much but I would be careful with Samsung's stuff. Gaggle had started licensing their puke OS that Samsung uses and the last I read on it Samsung did not have an agreement with gaggle.. In fact I would not purchase anything running a gaggle os. I would stick to either an iPad or the MS Surface. At least with Apple or Microsoft you are dealing with mature companies that won't shit in their customers' cereal and both companies OSs are proven and built by each from the ground up. I certainly can't say the same thing about gaggle. Gaggle's OS is a bastardized version of Unix that kinda works.
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  2. Im in the market for a tablet as well. I do have a question. My camera has a SD card and most tablets come with a micro SD Card slot. sI there a way to transfer photots using my camera's SD card to a Micro SD card Slot?
  3. The way to go would be to buy a micro SD card that comes with a regular SD card adapter (frankly haven't see any that don't come with it at this point, but suppose anything is possible). Basically the micro SD slides right into the regular size adapter and you can pull the micro out for transfers, etc. Example picture below.

  4. Check beforehand to see how the SD card is removed. I have one in my NookColor and that sucker is such a royal pain to install that it is NOT moving anywhere until the Nook dies!!!

    I use my IPAD to control my camera and take pictures. The camera wifi is then used to transfer the photos to the IPAD. In case, of "normal" photography it is just simpler to use the IPAD camera. Just think of it as a low resolution view camera.

    Almost forgot, one thing tablets are really good for is storing all the product manuals. I put them on the SD card on the Nook. It is easier to find them in the Nook than where I last put them!! And when that Nook dies I will remove the SD card ONCE.

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