Tapatalk for Ipad

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if this topic has been covered as I am planning to use this App for this forum.
  2. Tapatalk isn't installed on WFF. I may install it soon but want to see the mobile options soon to be available for this forum before I go the route of Tapatalk.

  3. I use it to keep up with a couple of other forums. It is nice when you are on the road or just away form your computer for a while. Please keep us updated.
  4. I have enough with just running my laptop. With all this new fangled stuff out there I might just shoot myself to put myself out of my misery.
  5. I use my iPad quite a lot and it would much more manageable then browsing using Safari or explorer.
  6. Amazing. This is a fly fishing forum, yet I have no idea what this thread is about.

  7. It's like being in the dark. Most people have a smart phone. Me, I got a dumb one. If I don't delete any calls on my dumb phone it will automatically call you back when I hang it up. I don't keep any info on it what so ever. I delete calls as soon as I'm done talking.

    It's 4 years old. Maybe I should get a new one. But why I ask myself, it still works.
  8. Tapatalk now active. Great job admin.
  9. Great! Now I have another way to waste time at work. Thanks admin.
  10. Like 'Old Man' above, my cell phone is so out dated if it had an "IQ" it would be a negative number. But I'm surprised just how wide spread the use of this program appears to be ... even in the UK.
  11. Hi Fred,
    Did not think I'd run into you on this forum.
  12. Been here a long, long time.:) April of 2004 to be exact.
  13. What in the hell is Tapatalk. I'm so far behind in this century. Living here is Dillon, Mt is like living in a third world country.
  14. It's an app used with the iPad so you do not need to use a web browser
  15. You're lucky it still works. Mine was giving me trouble & every time I went in to the Verizon store to see if they could fix it, they would just roll their eyes & say "Dude, this thing is ancient. You need a new phone" Like shelling out a couple hundred bucks every two years is just a normal part of life. I won't even talk to anyone under 60 at those phone stores.

    I have trouble enough with software updates on my dumb phone causing it not to work like I am used to. I don't have enough time left to learn how to operate a smart phone.
  16. I know it's counterintuitive but an Andriod or iPhone is easier to use than an old style phone.
  17. Yeah, but the cost is rough on us old people. I've been checking a few of these phones. Some don't even work in my area. The one I was interested in doesn't work here. It's like living in the dark ages.
  18. so why would i need another app to view this forum if safari on my iphone5 works just fine

    sorry to be so stupid regarding apps and such. just living in the dark ages i guess
  19. No it's not
  20. I've had an iPhone for a couple of weeks now. Although trying hard to embrace all (hell, just some) of it's features, it still seems like it takes more effort to call someone you used to have on speed dial. Dumb flip phone: flip it open tap a single number, tap send. Done. I feel like I've had a look through a port hole to the future, while at the same time being thrust back into the dark ages.:confused:

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