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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Gregg Lundgren, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. What are the advantages of using the Tapatalk app when accessing this site with a smartphone?

    My limited understanding is that you don't use a full blown browser when utilizing this app.

    So is it just a speed thing, or is there more to consider? Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have.
  2. I use it from my phone and tablet. I find it is a great way to view posts and such without having to open a browser. You get more of a post on the phone rather than a webpage.

    Also handy if you have several Forums/website you below to.

    Let me see if I can get some screenshots up ...
  3. It formats everything to fit your phone a little better. Some of the extra stuff gets left out, like forum descriptions, signatures, etc., so it's a lighter weight version.
  4. uploadfromtaptalk1377205291682.jpg

    The one above is the first page with the list of websites/forums

    This next one is the list of discussions within Fly Fishing Forum on WFF


    This next one is one of the discussions

    Now to see if this uploads alright.

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  5. ..the screenshots are kind of big :)
  6. Maybe, but I can say I don't browse forums on my smartphone except through Tapatalk.
  7. It's a good one stop shop if you read a lot of forums. You can view them all from the app. Good gig in my book.

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  8. I use and like it. Makes reding easier and no banners.
  9. I haven't logged into WFF in over a year. I use nothing but Tapatalk and enjoy it!
  10. I find that it opens pictures 10x's as fast. Many times, I get so tired of waiting for the pics to load via the Internet on my laptop, I grab my phone and pull them up on Tapatalk.
  11. I use it on my Android tablet and phone. Like others have said, you have all, or most of, your forums in one place. The app is also optimized to take advantage of small screens so the layout is nice and neat and loading times are much faster than using a web browser.

    Downsides for me:

    - No multiple tabs style. When I'm using a PC, I like to open the threads I want to read in separate tabs in the background, that way I run through the forum pretty quickly. With Tapatalk you have to open a thread one at a time.

    - No access to sub-forums, e.g., there's no access to the "Small streams" group. If somebody know how, I'd like to know.

  12. It's a great platform for your mobile...highly recommend it.
  13. Tapatalk won't last forever on this site. (I'm not a fan) It's only here until the forum software can support responsive design, or in other words it can support large or small PC screens, tablets, cell phones, etc.
  14. Sorry to hear that Chris. I like how the product interfaces with my phone an tablet.
  15. Same here I love tapatalk with this forum.
  16. With Tapatalk, its easier to tell if I am already up to date on having read all the posts in a given thread.

    this is handy. Seeing images is less handy on Tapatalk than on a web browser, in my experience.


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