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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Johnson, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    I'll be going to Nicaragua in a month, the last week we will be on and around the Rio San Juan. I was wondering if anyone had some tarpon patterns for me. There are also Rainbow Bass and Snook, any tips would help. thanks

  2. Whitey

    Whitey Active Member

    The number one tarpon fly seems to be the gummy fly. However, my all time favorite is Black Death.
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  3. Runejl

    Runejl Josh

    Hey Uncle Chris, I have a box of flies you can take down.
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  4. hookedonthefly

    hookedonthefly Active Member

    Ahhh.....you're stoked! Tarpon discussions over a cold one. I have some flies too.
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  5. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    Far out man!
  6. BN2FSH

    BN2FSH New Member

    I have fished tarpon a lot in Belize and fly selection is highly influenced by water conditions (clarity and depth), and what the tarpon are doing (feeding on small baitfish, cruising, hanging out in the deeps, or feeding in turbid freshwater rivers and lagoons), and also size of the fish (monsters to babies). can you provide any more info on where you will be fishing? If not, I will just provide some advice based on my experience on what flies you might try. I fish all over and there is nothing like poon for excitement.
  7. Whitey

    Whitey Active Member

    I leave for Belize next Tuesday. I've fished all over, this trip is cay caulker and placencia. Been to both before, but last time I got skunked, so I'm hoping to regain my dignity. Best part of that trip, my wife caught a bunch of fish. True story.
  8. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member


    I'm no expert, but a Cockroach worked well on 12-15 Lb. Tarpon in Mexico for me a few years ago. A bunch of fun they were!

    Also, on the Snook. Practice shotgunning sidearm casts under the low to the water mangroves you'll likely be casting into.
    Inches count, as does precise accuracy into the openings - under and in between the branches and twigs.

    Have fun.
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  9. BN2FSH

    BN2FSH New Member

    Who are you fishing with in Placencia? That is where I go, but we fish from Tobacco Caye all the way south to Punta Gorda.
  10. Whitey

    Whitey Active Member

    Benjy. He was recommended to us from many people. Last time we stayed at whipray caye and fished with Julian Cabral.
  11. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    BN2FSH, I will be fishing in the Rio San Juan which drains out of Lake Nicaragua. I've been to the lakes North end but never the south( the outlet).
    @ the north end the water is colored. Some of the things I've read say the fish are 90# + so I would guess the are mature fish.
  12. Citori

    Citori Piscatorial Engineer

    My experience with tarpon flies has been kind of along the lines of a bloody pork chop in front of a hungry mountain lion in an empty parking lot. Tarpon are eaters, and if you get it in front of them, it really doesn't matter what color, they will eat. Flies I have used are cockroaches or a big ass hook, wrapped shank and a half dozen hackle feathers tied to it. I have fished Belize, Bay of Ascencion and Homosassa in the gulf. All clear water and sight fishing/casting. That's all the experience I can give you. Get it in front of them, strip, wait until you feel them (you will try to take it away from them when you see that big mouth open and go for the goods) and strike by stripping, not with the rod. Then hold on...
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  13. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    Citori, thanks for the info. I have heard about the strip set, it remains to be seen whether I have the self restraint to wait. I sure hope I get the chance to find out.
  14. Chucker

    Chucker Member

    Watch the movie "Tapam" before you go. It will show you just how picky river tarpon can be. And start practicing your strip set now, until it's the only way you can set a hook on a fish! They aren't trout...
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  15. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

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  16. Jason Rolfe

    Jason Rolfe Wanderer

    God. I'm glad somebody went there. Thank you (seriously) for putting that together. We all need a little humbling now and then.

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