Teanaway River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cwbraue, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Well, I finally checked out the infamous Teanaway region today. My plan was to hike the W fork trail, but I couldn't really find the trail, so I just fished around the area where the W fork and Middle fork meet. There isn't much water, most of the river looks to be about a foot deep or less. I did find one nice pool that was about 4-5 deep and full of small fish. I snorkeled around a bit (brr) and got a good look at the hole and the fish.

    These fish didn't seem like regular trout to me, they seemed to have yellow stripes down their side, and I could swear they had an extra pair of fins on the bottom than normal trout, but maybe I just haven't seen a trout underwater in too long.
  2. Its a bit late into summer to find much water in the t-way, but down from the bridge were the forks all come togather to were it dumps into the yakima can be decent fishing.
  3. Isn't that all private property below there? Or do you wade down?
  4. From the teanaway road bridge to red bridge has never been a problem for me wading along the hiway is all private and little access, down by the mouth is good & most landholders are okay with waders. But after the fire some of that land changed hands so things might be changeing.

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