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  1. A buddy did some work on my 1911 and he refused the cash I offered him. I know he's fascinated with tenkara fly fishing at the moment so I would like to get him some tenkara flies, I just can't seem to find a decent supplier. Does anyone know where I might be able to place an order for a couple dozen flies?

  2. get a fly tying kit and tie your own, he''ll appreciate it, plus tenkara flies are very simple, most look like a reverse spider tied with deer hair instead of soft hackle. perfect for a novice tyer
  3. Deer hair? If you are going to tie your own, by all means, use soft hackle instead of deer hair. If you would like to give him flies now rather than wait until you get the vise, tools and materials - and learn how to tie your own - you can buy tenkara flies. Just do a Google search for Tenkara Flies. You will find several sources.
  4. search for kebari at this site: www.theflystop.com
    It's where I buy in bulk for when I give kid classes and I know that I will lose a lot of flies on the surrounding foliage.
  5. I think the Tenkara USA site has them too.
  6. What's the reasoning behind using special flies for tenkara? Won't any dryfly work the same? Or if you're using Japanese methods, you HAVE to use Japanese flies?
  7. No reason other than if one wants to use the traditional patterns for traditions sake. Similar as when folks don't have to use spey flies when spey casting but for many it is more satisfying to put the traditions together.

    Note that not all traditional tenkara soft hackles are tied in the reverse style--it varied by region. An argument can be made that the reverse style pulses more in the water. Does a Reverse Spider out-fish a traditional Knudsen Spider when all other factors are equal? Whatever you have confidence in to fish effectively with most likely.
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  8. yeah I guess any fly will do, I just figured if your buddy wanted some tenkara flies he'd probably want some of the more traditional dabbing/dry fly style patterns, but the point is they're very simple and easy to tie, why pay for flies that aren't much more than a few turns of hackle or deer hair tie them up your self and I'm sure your friend will appreciate it.
  9. The tradition must be respected. The style is literally called "from heaven", so one must ONLY use tenkara flies and have several cups of hot or cold sake (depending on the air temp and season and what is available) before one immerses oneself in the cold mountain streams of northern Honshu as I did when I lived in Japan many years ago.

    As my Tenkara sempai told me once, "私の朝の勃起と積極的なオナニーを用意しました私精神的にそして物理的にテンカラ釣りの課題。今日寒い渓流の魚をキャッチ多くのイワナ,ヤマメと虹の益。私は来るホーム、私の妻は私の魚を準備しながら酒を飲むし、夕食後の彼女の活発な性交を持っています."

    He loved it when I'd haul in yet another iwana, ayu, niji masu or yamame, put it in my woven creel, tilt my head back to glance skyward and cry to the heavens "Kami-sama, doomo! Kono utsukushii sakana wa, hontoo ni katajikenai n da zo!"

    Then he would smirk when he noticed I was using an English soft hackle I tied myself.

    The style is fun, if not self-limiting, but I've found plain old English, Irish (especially the super-long-hackled Irish patterns) and American soft hackles work just as well. Just don't tell my old sempai.
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  10. Jouzu desu ne!!!
  11. Thanks for all the input fellas! I have tied flies for the last 15 years, but I know literally nothing about tenkara flies. Being that I'm limited on time lately, I thought it would be easier to purchase a few online rather than learn a whole new style. Doesn't actually seem like they are that difficult, however.

  12. Try tenkarabum.com; he carries several by himself and others. Good guy to deal with.
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  13. Craig,

    When spey casting was developed on the River Spey (and others in Scottland), spey flies weren't the only flies used. Married wing salmon flies, simple strip wing salmon flies, grubs, low-water flies, palmers (similar to a Woolly Worm without the bright yarn tail), tippet wing salmon flies, etc. were all being used. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that using spey flies when spey casting with a spey rod (which are actually 2-handed salmon rods) is traditional because the use of all fly types is the traditional use of spey casting with a spey rod.
  14. I'm certainly no expert, but have been fishing tenkara for about 6 months. I use just about everything under the sun...

    I tie a lot of "kinda" flies-- as in they are kinda like so&so, kinda not-- and that's true of the tenkara flies iI tie, also. All will work and all are beautiful.

    But, if you're really wanting to purchase "official" tenkara flies, then send a message to CM Stewart, aka tenkarabum...he'll hook you up just dandy
  15. While any flies work I think that trying to find Tenkara specific flies shows that you have put thought into the gift, someone mentioned tenkarabum.com, here's a link to the flies:

    You could get some really nice presented flies from Tenkara USA:

    You could also have Big E tie you some flies:

    I had him tie some flies for me and they turned out great, and they were super reasonable. Here's some videos on folks tying various traditional and more modern Tenkara flies:

    Good Luck!

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