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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dfl, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I need info on Tenkara. My interest is in it's use by people who have the use of a hand for what ever reason. Several of us are working on developing a devise that would hold a gear or fly rod for a one handed fisher. While thinking myself to sleep with the design it occurred to me that a Tenkara rod might simplify things immensely. So if you can help us out with info we'ed appreciate it.
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    There are two books (and the only two books in the U.S) you can get on Amazon.com that do a great job of covering tenkara fly fishing.
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    It's an interesting problem that you're trying to solve. My first thought is that a tenkara setup certainly allows someone to cast single-handed, but an angler still needs to be able to tie knots and release fish, which I can't imagine doing with only one hand (of course, having a partner would be helpful).
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    You'd be surprised what a person with only one hand can manage to do!
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    Didn't a device like that come up on the site a while back. It strapped to your chest so you could keep your hands free or something like that. Most said they wouldn't buy it. But it might come in handy for a one armed man.
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    Thanx everybody. You've been helpful. We are working on two designs, one is based on a fighting harness used by big game fishers, the other is-you'd just have to see it. The OPFF invites wounded soldiers and veterans for a free day of fishing, coaching and food at a private stocked pond. It will be in May this year and we hope to have the two prototypes ready for field testing then. If you look on you tube for Evergreen Hand you can see a device designed by Jesse Steele that lets one handed folk tie flies. We build those here as well as tying tool sets that are distributed free through Healing Waters.

    A device that lets one handed folk change flies was the easy part.
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    I think his name is Jesse Scott.