Tent trailers?

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  1. That the unit I'm useing, but I have a set of racks on top to carry 2 pontoon boats, I use a 18 volt drill to raise & lower the unit & set the leveling pads instead of the optional built in electric raise & lower unit.
  2. PM sent. :)
  3. I like the ground clearance and the extra storage on the front. That would be a great spot for a permanent mounted locking storage box like a pick-up toolbox. When we had a tent trailer one thing I really liked was all the windows it made you feel like you were outdoors all the time. A lot of the hard sided trailers are dark and closed in.
    The only thing I can see is maybe an upgrade on the thickness of the cushions and mattresses. We added memory foam to our thin mattress it made a huge difference.
  4. 4" heated mattresses rest on an 1.25" laminated foam/solid wood surface as opposed to bare wood or pressboard. Adding memory foam is a good idea.
    You can get a full, across the front slide-out bin as an option.
    I can see mounting another area o the rear for more storage, too.
  5. I've had a tent trailer for 10 years, and hate the damn thing. Cold in the spring and fall, and the only thing they got over a tent is that you're really off the ground. We're going for a small hardshell like a Scamp....you can still get into primitive spots, with some of the comforts of home.
  6. When it gets cold my furnace kicks on, never a problem
  7. I find the cold much easier to deal with. You can always equip/dress for the cold. Heat/humidity, however, is a different story. When it gets "sweltering", you are limited trying to cool down.
    If your camping with AC and a hard side trailer....not bad, anything else, your going to be downright uncomfortable.
  8. I have a tent trailer for sale on Craig's list in Wenatchee. We have owned a tent trailer for the past 35 years.

    Tent trailers are great for three season use. Particularly, if you have kids or stay in one area for extended periods of time. As mentioned, the put-up and take-down is really the issue with a tent trailer.

    Trailers are an issue anyway on Forest Service roads. The nice thing about a tent trailer is you can dis-connect and turn it around.

    We bought a 30 foot fifth wheel. A great trailer for spending the winter in Arizona. Everything shakes loose on Forest Service roads and I would not take it many miles from pavement.

    We are going to buy a truck camper. Also take a look at pop-up truck campers if there are just two of you.

    Oh, my bottom line in an RV is that it has to have a shower. I hated working in the woods and not having access to a shower!!! Twenty-three days without a shower will do that.
  9. Don't mind a cab-over if you have another mode of transportation where your camping. Pulling up stakes to go to the store, out to eat, etc. is a pain in the a**
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  10. If you're camping with AC, you're not really camping. Sorry; I couldn't over look that one. I had a tent trailer for a few years, then went back to tent camping. I found I prefer traveling lighter and not dragging my home away from home around behind the car or truck. When I tow something, it's the boat.

  11. The Rockwood that Alex mentioned is a very nice unit. I stayed in one last year for 2 days. I thought it was overkill for just 2 days, but i was along for the trip and couldn't complain.

    I agree with Salmo- AC isnt camping.

    My grandpa would call me a sissy if i wanted to camp in a trailer. My grandma would agree with him.
  12. Airstream!
  13. Ok, let's put this fact to bed. I agree A/C is not be a "necessity", but when you're trailering/tenting/fishing the eastern Sierras and the summer temps easily bang 100 or more degrees, it's a nice "luxury".
    Bought a tent trailer last Saturday, but not the one we (I) had originally set out to buy. It does not not have A/C, and for you real "diehards", it doesn't have an inside potty or shower either. :p
    Will pick it up this Saturday. Still have the fifth wheel, too. :D
    More to come..........
  14. I really like that Rockwood that Alex has. Not sure what my mileage would be with my 2003 Dodge diesel pulling a smaller rig. My camper is a Lance "Squire Lite" 1994. I consistently get 15 miles per gallon on a 2000 mile trip. Once you have a little bathroom, it's hard to give it up.
  15. Well, the RV dealership jacked their price up by a +$1000 over their original quote on the one we originally had in mind, so I politely told them we'd pass.
    Ended up with this one. He hasn't removed the ad yet;

    Oddly enough the guy that owned it towed it with a '05 Honda CRV, the same vehicle we have. Trailer is in mint condition having only been used twice and kept in a heated garage. His new bride wasn't keen on the lack of "amenities" so they went to a larger hard sided trailer.
    After all was said and done, he threw in the Honda bolt on receiver hitch/2" ball/& anti-theft lock. I purchased this brake controller and extra wiring requirement gizmos;

    Last Saturday we drove down to pick it up.
    The owner, already familiar with the Honda installation, was kind enough to offer to install the hitch and wire up the controller for us. No small feat in itself. It took us almost 7 hours to do everything. Honda had no RV harness under the dash and the rear cargo compartment had to have the floor and side panels removed to access the wires for the tail/brake light harness. Good thing this guy was a nuclear missile tech in the Air Force and a retired electrical engineer from Raytheon. All connections inside and out were sealed with marine heat shrink and zip tied to boot. I'd have been so screwed trying to do the electrical stuff. Everything worked perfectly the first shot!
    When it was all said and done, he took $5500 for the pop-up and wanted nothing for his time installing everything. Heart warming to see there are still a few folks like this out there.

    I'll most likely flip the springs and go to a 13" rim for a little extra clearance.
    Any suggestions?
  16. Yeah - get out there and have fun with it!
    Nice trailer!
  17. Mark-you did real good.

  18. Thank you, gentlemen.:)
  19. Kelly, Mark; think "Kelly"!!

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