TFO Deer Creek switch 7wt combo Q:

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  1. Looking at maybe getting a combo package for a switch i found at a local flyshop. its a TFO Deer Creek 7wt Switch, with Ross reel, and Rio Scandi short versa tip. anybody have experience with this, how do you like it, is it heavy or light, is one handing it, a possibility.

    i'm looking still harder at a beluah(spell?) platinum 6 or 7wt switch, but the money for the TFO set up is tempting. i'm a novice at best, and yes, i know you get what you pay for. i have a TFO 14 ft spey 9wt with delta two line and never could get it to work for my retardness.
  2. I have it, it's a nice little summer rig. Plenty light in the hand, good for single handing stuff in short. If you are going exclusively single handed I'd just get a 10 footer.

    Don't know about the line, I seem to be the only person on the planet that doesn't like Scandi lines but mine goes good with a 6/7 Delta. I doubt you'd want to single hand a Scandi for longer
  3. thanks...i am also considering, getting a platinum beulah 7wt 11', i have an okuma large arbor reel already, and then putting the rio scandi short versatip on that. cost would run me about the same as the combo mentioned above. wondering if that beulah is really that much better than the deer creek, its gonna be one or the other, i know that atleast. i gotta get it done by this weekend.
  4. I have a TFO 8 wt. switch with Rio AFS head and running line. I put a Ross CLA 4 on it that balances nicely. It casts easily either single handed or two handed overhead and spey casting. The cork isn't the best but TFO has told me if it fails, they will replace the rod. That's a pretty good warranty. I can't speak for Beulah rods.
  5. The beulah classic switch rod is great, I can't really speak for the platinum series. I have only used a scandi head on my classic 6/7. I love it for smaller river floating line conditions. If you are fishing larger rivers I'd opt for the full spey. TFO is a great company... I love the Deer Creek series spey rods... I have only personally used one of the switch rods and I liked my beulah cosiderably more. I would get it if the price is right, Switch rod was my first spey setup learned the basic mechanics... If you think you will graduate to spey casting all the time with it, just get a spey rod and put in the time to make it happen for you. Your switch will eventually take the backseat to spey rods... at least mine does.
  6. well, i had to choose, so i got a 6wt deer creek switch, ross reel, with a wulff line and versa tips. hoping it will take the place of my 9wt one hander. i have a TFO 9wt 14 footer, with a delta two line, but i just cant get it to work, comfortably(yet) feels like i got a two pound weight at the tip of the rod. hoping this short belly shooter will feel better, on this switch, thanks for the tips. either way i guess i got the top and bottom covered anyways.
  7. The line makes all the difference in the world. Check some shops and get a better recommendation for a line. A friend has that set-up and it casts beautifully. I'm not sure what line he has on it, however.
  8. I would go with the TFO and the Scandi Short line, The scandi short line is a fantastic jack of all trades two handed line which was developed specifically with switch rods in mind. The 10 foot tips are easy to pull out of the water on your forward cast and when using tips you can throw some pretty heavy cold water junk with out any real trouble.

    In the medium priced switch rod category I really like the Deer Creek rods they are good single hand rods, if you have a compact casting stroke, and they make good to very good short two-handed rods.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that the setup you described is a small two-handed setup which will work really nicely on smaller rivers with tight quarters but may get a little frustrating on bigger rivers like the Sky, Skagit, or Sauk.

  9. Looks like my first post is a little late... I own the 6wt Deer Creek and it's a truly wonderful rod but personally I would have gone with the Scandi Short over the Wulff. The Deer Creek you bought will easily throw a 420 compact skagit, 10' of t8, and a 3" weighted fly so in my opinion you may have been better served by the Scandi short multi tip.
  10. the line is a wulff ambush (short).
  11. recieved the rod and reel, all set up ready to fish and with goodies and a hat the very next day, today. i bought the set up from Reds flyshop, and had Joe Rotter helped me select what i wanted, sure seems to be a neat setup and light. hoping i didnt make a mistake by not going with the 7wt. this 6wt will easily one hand when i want, just hoping i can at least do a snap T with it. little concerned now about a B-run beating me up, but i think im going to be happy with this. Joe was patient with my dumb questions and answered them all, still harrasssing the poor guy with a few more questions i have, as i am new to using a sinking tip attachement. never done the tip thing, guess i'm graduating another grade. i believe i can say that my experience with Reds was a very good one, and thank you Joe if your out there.
  12. The Beulah is a good rod. I have a Winston B2X 11' with a 380 grain Beulah line. I just got a 7 wt. Deer Creek in the mail and going to fish it tomorrow evening. It's a great deal for the money! The cork is small in size, the rod is light, and the eyelets are oversized for line ripping thru the guides. Luke and I learned to spey cast on switch rods. To be honest, get a full spey rod because, as Luke said, the switch will take a back seat in the future. It's amazing for the Methow River, but would suck on the Hoh or Sky. My opinion, anything Deer Creek is amazing and I would recommend these to anyone!..................Kraig
  13. Took the switch out for a walk on the Ronde and the Snake. this little 6wt is great, it overhands very well, for dropping short and chucking heavy flies, i still have alot to learn but was happy with my spey casting too, which needs alot of friggin work. Joe at Reds, set me up good for my style of fishing, and what i wanted the rod to do, i'm quite happy with it, and appearantly so were the fish, i actually hooked fish on both days, landing a very very large steelhead on the Ronde, near the mouth of the river, must have took a wrong turn, a beautiful wild 12-13 pound fish. this was the very first fish for the rod, that i landed, i lost a few too. The rod handled it great, and the fish gave me a great show with maybe 6 leaps, all high and spinning like a sailfish, with a few heart stopping runs that took me to the backing before i managed to stop it. i got a great new toy now, but also confidence that i'm doing something right. thanks all for the advice.

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