TFO Finesse Half Weight Review

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  1. I recently purchased a TFO half weight an amazing little rod that is not only great looking but functional. It has a cigar style grip with a cork reel seat and two metal rings to lock the reel in place. The blank is a dark green color with lighter green thread wraps that look very nice. Weighing in at 1.2 ounces and 5ft long its a small rod, and 3 pieces so it packs down very small. I have it paired with an Orvis silver label WF1 line and in the beginning it was very difficult to cast (probably because the lightest rod I had cast prior to it was a 3wt and I am not used to fishing with short rods) But after little while I got my timing in sync and was casting great. I took it out on the creek today and was very impressed at how accurately I could cast and how well it performed in tight quarters, and nothing lays a dry fly down as delicately as a 1wt. Sadly the two fish fool enough to take my dry fly I missed because I was fiddling with the line. But if you are in the market for a short ultralight small stream rod this cannot be beaten for the money.

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  2. Never heard of a half weight. What's the advantage over a 1wt or a 2wt? Is it rod length?
  3. I don't think there's any real advantage over a 1wt or 2wt because the rod was designed to cast a 1wt line, the name "Half Weight" is just that a name.
  4. Caught some rainbows on dries today, amazing!
  5. Just bringing this thread back, because this is a great rod for some one who wants to start fishing small water without with out breaking $200
  6. Actually, it is easy to beat the price of TFO's Halfweight rod by building a knock-off. Simply drop the bottom section of a 4pc, 6'6" blank or the bottom three sections of a 7pc, 8'0"-9'0" blank (typ.~ $45 on sale or from eBay), add an all-cork grip with slider bands (~$11) and whatever guide-set you'd prefer ($~8). Call it another $5 for thread and epoxy, and you can build highly functional, small creek rods that range between 4'8" and 5'3" and weigh in between 32-35 grams. They can be paired with a 2wt line if you want. But the better choice is a more widely available and far cheaper 3wt line that enables short distance casts for quickly loading the rod but can also lay out 40 feet when distance is needed. (Tip: Use a furled leader, not a drawn taper.)

    What can be tough is finding a reel of matching weight. But J Austin Forbes makes a 2.2oz that holds a full line and can be found for around $80.


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