Thai noodle salad???

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  1. bitterroot

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    Anybody have a good recipe for cold thai noodle salad? I really like the stuff in the deli section of the grocery store but I'm sure it can be whipped up pretty easy.
  2. Gary Knowels

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    Never made Thai noodle salad and have seen it in many different orientations. For a cold asian noodle salad I recommend the Korean jap chae. Made with sweet potato ("glass") noodles and vegetables, it is a simple but delicious dish. I linked to a pretty good description and recipe that I eat cold. I like to add a little gochujang to it after serving because I'm addicted to the stuff.

    Sorry I didn't have a better answer for you, but I hope you try it and like it anyway!
  3. Alex MacDonald

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    I haven't tried to make it yet, Lonnie; too cold yet over here, so I'm still stuck in teriyaki territory!