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    I took my 14 YO son to a nearby lake, which I had previously held in low esteem, after a post by KerryS. I must say that Kerry's info was right on - the lake fished really well once I had the right fly (thanks to the Old Man for his leech creation). Although I was relegated to being the "oarsman" in the canoe, my son was successful in catching his first trout, a 16"-17" and a 14". Now I have a new fishing partner to keep myself and the Old Man company :COOK .

    I also met WishinIWasFishin at the lake. I must admit that HE is a fishing machine! Nice meeting you, Jim.

    Hey Old Man, I have Sunday free again and the son wants to do the lake again. Are you game?

  2. Geez,

    You are welcome. I am glad my info was helpful. My only regret was not being there to see you son catch his first trout.

    I might have to try the lake on Sunday. Need to take the wife and our daughter fishing. Hope to see you there.

  3. Steve,
    It was nice meeting you and your son and witnessing his first trout on a fly. It was also interesting to meet Jim the "Oldman", seems like a colorful guy to say the least! haha Thanks for the compliment, I think, I just love to get out and fish, anywhere I can. I've tried to go as many places as possible. I did enjoy the lake, being so small and the water so warm, I would probably try to visit next year a bit sooner in the season. Those fish I caught were very stress'd after playing them. They were also very mushy. Another one of my friend was there on Saturday and said the water temp was 72. That is why most of the fish were in the deepest part of the lake trying to stay a little cooler. The guy on the beach at the small cabin told me there are some nice hold over's in the 19-20" range. It might be worth going back in the fall just before it closes and try to get them to bite. I did see alot of larger fish on the fishfinder. Those big fish would probably be active in the late evening hours or night time, to bad its closed during the hours of darkness. I'm glad you didn't mention the name of the lake, I don't think it could handle the pressure of mass crowds, agree? Sorry all, we'll just keep this little jewel our sercret!
    Jim J.
  4. I might be old---but I'm good.

    I'm sure glad that you had a good time. Now I have to go out and buy some more hooks so I can tie more flies. Simple to tie,A #10 streamer hook,thread to match body,leech hair yarn(I can't apply dubbing),Marabou tail to match or to off set the body. Such as black tail and olive body or olive tail to black body.

    I got the fly out of another site. Don't remember which one if I could I would. I'll look it up and tell you by private email. Or I could just put the info here. Everybody should have what I know that way we can all be happy.

    Don't know about sunday. I don't think so. Jim

    Just read Jim J's post. The little lake is open 24 hrs a day until it closes. I would like to fish it also at night but 70 miles is just to far for me to hit it at night. One more queation for stumpfisher what is a YO boy. Also glad to see that you came back to this wonderful site. Me again :COOK
  5. Jim,
    The wooly-bugger my friend was using was olive body with black tail. I tried about 6 different colors and all but one (red) caught fish. I tried the same fly he had on and only got one on it. So I'd have to say all most anything will work there.
    Hope this helps with your dilemma on what to tie up for your next trip.
    Jim J.
  6. I thought I saw a sign that said the put in was closed after dark?
    Yeah, if its open all night try it for sure. Later, Jim J.
  7. I saw the same sign which said the lake was closed at dark. Checked with my 14 *Y*ear *O*ld son who confirmed the closure. We read all the signs but can't find the potty. LOL
  8. I might be old---but I'm good.

    I found out where I got the info on that fly. I went to Clicked on Washington,Clicked on fly pattern's, went to leeches and then to mini leeches.

    After I wrote what I wrote this morning I took the girls on a picnic. I went to the S/Fork of the Stilly. I went to the county park below the Jordon bridge. Don't know the name but it is a big place. Lots of room for kids and dogs to run. Well to get to the end I took my fly rod down to the water just so I could practice casting. I come to find out that I do the single haul but not the double haul. I can get out far enough with the single haul so I don't need the Double haul.

    Oh the water was clear,up just a little and very warm. I was hot after the long walk to the river so I went in in my tennies. Thought I was stepping into bath water.

    Jim S.

    P/S I didn't see any sign but I do know where the potty is. :WINK
  9. I guess this boonie living has had its effects on me and the 14 YO. It is not uncommon on the upper Skagit to find potties behind every tree :SHOCKED . Speaking of warm flows, how about doing the Stilly on Sunday instead of the lips-are-sealed little lake?


    P.S. I also have Friday free if you can manage some time away.
  10. I might be old---but I'm good.

    I can't believe it. I'm retired and you have more free time than I do. What gives. I'll give it the old collage try. Maybe I can come up with a baby sitter so I can get off as much as you do.

    Are you going to be there at dark or can I sleep in just a little longer.

    I would rather fish the river because if that lake is that warm I wouldn't want to hurt the fish. What am I talking about, first you have to catch them and the way my luck is running I won't have to worry about catching any. And if that fork is that warm I might wade wet there also. Jim S.

    P/S I think that instead of just conversing here. I think that we ought to talk fishing. What it seems to me is that we are using this site like email. I seem to be getting away from fishing and I would rather not do this. I'll email you so don't get mad at me. Jim S.

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