The Blackwater River

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  1. Hello
    Iam interested in doing a self supported Flyfishing and floating trip on the Blackwater river in British columbia. I am not having much luck finding information on doing self supported trips. Just lot's of info on guided trips.
    Has anyone done a self supported trip on the Blackwater River?
    The Wulff
  2. There is an article in the Northwest Flyfishing mag about this river...I'll go home and dig it up for you...might be Spring 2002 issue, but will confirm.
  3. I'm interested in doing the same trip, but haven't found any information either. . .
  4. I've had my eye on that river for many years. It's sort of secret so don't tell anyone (Ha! Ha!).
    Seriously, there is very little information about this trout water that is one of the few trout rivers in B.C.. There are some streams near the Rockies and in southeast B.C.,of course.
    I have studied the area largely by maps and I've seen where the road does occassionaly touch the river. The NW Angler article is good but it's about fly ins and that sort of pricey stuff.
    If I could just get a friendly word or two about its quality and accessability, I might just plan a poke at it now that my health is so much better. A new drug has caused me to chuck my cane, but we digress.
    Let me know what you find as I'm almost convinced a real jewel will be your prize. In 1968, I explored the area, but I could find no road to the river so I gave up.
    Keep us posted on your research. It's so far up north that I don't the forum will impact the river very much.
    Bob :thumb
  5. Hi
    I did a trip on the Blackwater about ten years ago arranged through Batnuni Lodge which was run by Armand Constantini at that time. We flew into Kluskoil Lake and stayed in rustic cabins, and either walked down to Chine Falls, or took an extremely rough road upstream to Pan's crossing and floated the stretch leading into Kluskoil. It's a great river, and the trout are plentiful but top out about 16 inches, loads of 12-14 inchers. Armand talked about floating below Kluskoil and indicated it was pretty rough. Guys were taking ATV's up to Kluskoil.
    If I were to do it again I'd check into Euchiniko Lake Ranch which is near the upper stretch where we had the best fishing--30 plus fish days all on dries.
    I believe Ian Forbes has a piece on the river on the FishBC website, and they would be able to tell you about the float there.
    When I was researching my trip I found an interesting book about one of the early homesteaders called Blackwater country I believe. It's great country, certainly not undiscovered but the access is daunting enough to keep out most.
    good luck
  6. Bob, You're in deep do-do now, no cane, no excuse. So when you coming fishing with Team Rugged??? I think I hear Omak Lake calling us, don't you?

    Oh, and don't worry, when TR hits the Blackwater we won't tell them you sent our sorry asses up there, HONEST!!!
    Besides, we're only taking the SHORT BUS!

    }( :eek ;-)

  7. I have fished this river once with a local friend of mine in Quesnel BC. There are two access points in that area that are rough (may not make it back out in one piece) 4WD roads. An earlier post summed it well. There are lots of fish avg. 12-14" and top at 16". Lots of dry fly action. Use mostly stimulators when I went. I am heading back to that area this summer to fish lakes and spend a day wading the Blackwater. I am not sure I want to give up the info. What's it worth to you ;)
  8. Hi Frank
    Thanks for the info, I will check out the Fish BC website and the book on the Blackwater country. I also spoke with the folks from Euchinko Lake Ranch and may ask them about doing a boat shuttle for me.
    The Wulff:)
  9. Longest Silence

    Tom McQuane writes in this book about Ireland and there's a Blackwater River there also. What say we hit that one?

    :thumb :thumb :thumb


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