The "Brazilian"

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Panhandle, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Anyone have a recipe?
  2. Hot wax and pull :rofl::rofl:

    Sorry .... couldn't resist .....

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    So that would make it a Bare hook?

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    Thanks, Man!
  8. Ed Call

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    1morecast, that is bookmark material for sure!
  9. Dave Evans

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    Looking for the recipe for this pattern and the link above is dead. Anyone still have it?
  10. 1morecast

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    Here is my recipe;
    tail; dyed red gp crest
    tag; flat copper tinsel
    body; deep claret seal fur
    rib; flat copper
    collar; black feather
    wing; fiery brown artic fox
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  11. Norm Frechette

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    from the interweb
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  12. Dave Evans

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    1more.. and Norm, thanks! Dave
  13. GAT

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    Odd name for the pattern. With a name like that I figured it would be a very sparse fly with no body dubbing. :D
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  14. Norm Frechette

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    shouldnt that be guard hairs? :eek:
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