The Earth Is Bleeding...

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  1. And of course BP will drag this out in court, when they go, as long as possible...
    they learned well from Nixxon/Exxon.
  2. “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”
    - Aldo Leopold

    Think about it.

  3. Gris, that sounds like radical enviromental extremism propagated by those idiots
    that love nature and life.
  4. Latest Report on Oil Volume Leaking:

    "Researchers recently doubled estimates of how much oil has been flowing from the ruptured well, saying Thursday that up to 40,000 barrels -- or 1.7 million gallons -- a day may have leaked for weeks."

    That figures to 1166 gallons per minute. The numbers are "approaching" what I felt was the minimum flow based on pipe size and pressures. Sometimes it's not good to be right..... What a gusher ... Sad face.

    Can you imagine someone on the Puget Sound squirting their garden hose (average 5/8" hose at 5 gallons per minute) into the Sound but squirting oil all day long instead of water, for 54 days straight? Just think of the mess that would do....
  5. Right on, Larry. This recent upgrade makes the Limbaugh/Spencer chart even more ludicrous. As you remember, it was based on 15000 barrels/day through May.
  6. Gris, over Memorial Day weekend my family spend some time out at Twin Harbors State Park. This Leopold quote was on a large 6' x 4' sign marking the head of the trail leading through the woods, over the dunes and to the beach. My 6 year old read it, asked what abused, commodity and community meant in that quote. After a few minutes of telling her what those words meant she then proceeded to explain many reasons why she thought that made perfect sense. When did we stop being one with our world ecosystem? At that point we became nothing more than a parasitic infection.

    Thanks for reminding me of the quote and source.
  7. OK. So the new estimated "volume" of flow has been upgraded to between 35,000 barrels to 60,000 barrels per day. I'll go with the 60,000... that figures up to 1750 gallons per minute. Gee whiz, a 2-1/2" fire hose off a fire truck or hydrant can put out 500 gallons per minute. Gee, we "might" be approaching real numbers for the leak ...
  8. Hey Guys, FE finally said something intelligent and impartial, although reading his posts I am convinced it was by accident. On June 10th, he posted "We at the lowest end of the economic food chain will ultimately be the ones paying for it." Unfortunately, he's right about that. In more ways than one. US Fish and Wildlife, for example, is rotating biologists through the Gulf ofr 14 daystraight/14 hours a day, from all over the east coast. So, in addition to that cost, they are not getting their other work completed, which costs us in $ and in projects 99.9% of us support. Watch our taxes pay for this thing.

    I just returned from South Carolina where they are already starting to get ready for the oil that is invariably coming. What a tragedy! And, it is coming out that several intentional decisions were made by BP to save time and money, any of which could have put the well in danger of blowing. Having spent 20 plus years in the Gulf, this is not a first. And let's not even get into the absolute lack of enforcement or oversight by the MMS or the watered down regulations after essentially 8-12 years of rule by Big Oil (Ever heard of Dick Cheney of Haliburton fame?) 12 years because FE's heroes were in power in Congress and had incapacitated Clinton with the BJ investigations.
  9. FYI. Other than paying taxes and buying gas, this is the only thing I have seen yet that seemed a useful or meaningful way to help some folks down on the gulf. Vouched for by a local guide on another board. Let your conscience be your guide.
  10. So what exactly is the statute of limitations you are going to use before liberals start taking responsibility for your own incompetence? Obama had over 16 months with a essentially filibuster proof majority in Congress and the Senate to either replace these people or to push through legislation to change this and didn't. The ONLY thing this whole time and even since Bush was in office when Democrats took over power, that prevented them from fixing the things that lead to this problem was not Republicans, it was Democrat vs. Democrat infighting and incompetence that COULD have held up legislation not introduced, and re-appointments which were never tried. Some call the Republicans (which I am not one of) the "party of no". How many more months of incompetence before we can start calling the Democrats the party of "it's not my fault!"? You guys are well past the time that you can blame the other side for your lack of action, and any form of competent leadership. If you owned a business and hired someone to turn it around and 18 months later it was substantially worse would you expect him to still be blaming it on the previous boss and employees? Absolutely not, expect better than this from your president and elected leadership.

    Lets not even get into the lack of ethics and it's trickle down effect in this by the White House's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel chosen by Obama after an extensive study of his background who's been living for the last 5 years rent free in an apartment paid for by who? paid for by an adviser to BP! Or that the oil company that paid the most to Obama's political campaign was who? BP! Which oil company joined in Obama's B.S. cap and trade movement? BP! (among 2 others)
  11. FE,

    Do you fish?

  12. I still can't decipher a damn thing FE is saying. Maybe he's an illegal immigrant?

    Back to the oil spill...looks like we're finally starting to see the effects on wildlife en masse. I'd like to say it has me all teary eyed, but I'm a free market capitalist at heart, so I'm sure the companies responsible will fix things up good.
  13. Yes sir, but I just started fly fishing last year after not fishing since I was a kid in eastern Idaho. This is my favorite creek so far, and the pics are from going upstream from the parking spot. I went up last weekend but the water was flowing too fast to go upstream because there is a spot you have to cross the creek then shimmy up a rock and slide down the canyon wall to get to the next hole and then shimmy across another rock face by the waterfall in the 6th pic to get up and out of the canyon and up to the road. I didn't think I'd be able to cross so I tried downstream but wasn't able to go more than about 1/4 mile downstream from the parking spot before I hit a boulder with too deep of pools to wade on either side of it. I didn't want to climb over it with no one knowing where I went fishing at. Pics are from a cell phone which is why they are so grainy.

    Even had a small beaver checking me out the last trip I took up there last year.


    That or you're not very bright, but I'll let you keep proving which one it is.
  14. [​IMG]

    Clearly, I'm this lady.
  15. Au contraire, FE. Instead, you are proof that when you're not the brightest kid in school, that ranking just doesn't change as an adult.

    Nice creek though.
  16. Fe

    In life, like business, like everything, you'll get much better
    results being nice. I don't know you, and after reading
    your meandering diatribes of socialist drivel....I think I would rather not.
    Go fish, and please don't post any reports.
  17. Another good article: 546 million gallons of oil spilled in Nigeria - that's an Exxon Valdez every year for 50 years. This is what happens when corrupt government and the oil companies really work together. Sounds like what works in Nigeria works with MMS.

    "We can't see where to fish, oil is in the sea"... a Nigerian Fisherman.
  18. Here's a couple really informative links I just found, politically mostly non partisan and the people giving the most info seem to be engineers in either the oil field or deep sea drilling field showing where BP screwed up. Some of the best and clearest information I have read about how the process works, why the top kill method didn't work and why this could get MUCH MUCH worse very soon.

    They are VERY long reading but worth it. A Q&A to really knowledgeable people is a good description of the first two. the third is a basic image of what the relative size of a BOP to a man is and the amount of pipe in water vs in seabed.
  19. BP Cares About The "Small People" :rofl: Oops!

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