The fortune cookie has spoken.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Danielocean, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. My wife is not thrilled that I told her I am buying a pontoon boat, and has been protesting. But, today the gods have spoken. We ordered Chinese and this is the fortune I received. My wife was pissed. LOL 20140121_202539.jpg
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  2. Did hers say "That wasn't chicken"?
  3. Wonderful how the right fortune finds you! Good luck. Thoughts on what craft you are going to buy? Many great craft owned by many members here!

  4. It is a toss up between a Fishcat 9IR, and a PAC900. Just going to depend on the timing when I do this and how much extra cash that I have. Both boats I think would make me really happy, and I know the 900 has a few extra bells and whistles.Either way I am diving into another realm when it comes to boating. I just hope they are not money pits.
  5. It's meant to be... The chance of that fortune is probably the chance of catching an Albino Rainbow Trout in a river in Germany.
  6. I caught an albino cutthroat 2 summers ago in the middle fork
  7. I'll share some thoughts for what it's worth. My wife is my very best friend. It's not easy as she's a heck of lot smarter than me.

    That being said, it is imperative that one sets the bar really low. The second expectations exceed abilities the whole ying/yang thing goes to hell in a hand basket; and, your fortune cookie fortune won't mean shit cuz you'll be sleeping under a bridge. It is a frightening prospect. Warm bed and... vs. cold ass PVC you can cuddle up to. It's a dicey game.

    Flowers and nice wine seem to smooth out some of the rougher spots; however, these cards should be used sparingly but as frequently as necessary depending on the level of egregiousness of the watercraft purchase(s). Again, the primary base model should be setting the bar really low.

    It not easy; but, it can be done. It's a tough road to Hoh.

    Best of luck. When in doubt, scout. Spend the time learning to row and stay safe out there.
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  8. Maybe if you asked for a drift boat then settled on a pontoon boat you may have made the wife feel like she was winning! My wife is really cool she knows I'm a moron so she can't stay mad at me when I make a big purchase:)
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  9. My wife is the same way. She will kill me before she would ever leave me. I have found out that if I want something I need to give a little too. Soooo she gets a couch, I get a boat. Fair deal.
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  10. It is never a fair deal, Daniel. She is going to win in the end.
    But then isn't that what makes the game so interesting. Besides, as it was said above, sleeping next to her in a warm bed is a lot nicer than sleeping with a PVC tube full of cold air.

    PS: Good luck to you with your new tube/boat.
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  11. As a thought, you might consider buying a second-hand pontoon instead of brand-new. Like cars, all new fishing gear loses about half it's original dollar value the moment it walks out the shop door, and boats can be even worse. Buying a used boat is also an opportunity to smooth domestic waters by showing your bride that you're sympathetic to her concerns.

    Many folks think used gear means it's been beat to shit. While some people use their gear hard, I find that to be the exception instead of the rule. I've had 5 pontoons and only the first was bought new. The others were all gently used and represented a much better value. On the whole, I figure I saved about 50-60% by not buying new.

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  12. SHE gets a couch? Don't YOU also benefit from that?

    You can snuggle up together on a couch in front of the fire. Not so likely to happen on a pontoon!

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  13. I shouldn't repeat this, but will. A friend once told me (as if a revelation) "you know Dave, women control 70% of all the money in this country..., and 100% of the .....".
    Everyone should have a boat (or 3 ;-).
  14. Daniel, no offense meant here but did you misunderstand the fortune? I think you did. The fortune does not say, "A boat and water are in your future", it says, "Boats and water are in your future". It means you are getting more than one boat; is that good news or what?! Hell yes! The 900 and the 9-IR are both great boats but I'm thinking that would be the first one. Since you are getting more than one boat you might consider a "chironomid pram" and a kickboat also. By "and" I mean both of them. You know, get all three of them.

    Now as someone who has been happily married for 36 years I would make a small, strategic suggestion here. Don't get all three boats on the same day. Just trust me on that one.

    Enjoy all of your boats. :cool:
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  15. The Chinese place just misspelled boots Dan, it wasn't supposed to be boats.

    They were talking about you getting to the water and realizing you forgot your wading boots again.
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  16. I went for the PAC900, should be here in a couple weeks!
  17. Mr P is right, it says Boats. I suggest you buy her the other boat you were looking at. Maybe investing in body armor would be reasonable too...
  18. Duplicate
  19. Fixed it for you :)
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  20. You know, it could mean you're going on a cruise and gawd only knows if the cruise ship will end up on fire, lacking toilets or on its side!

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