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  1. i told you, i will teach you the basics, and after a few strokes we can run boulder to reiter
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    Class ratings are given to each individual rapid. A river could have many class 4 rapids and many class 1s.
  3. like matt said a river can have a class 4 wave inside of its class 2 rapid
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    Thanks! How do you like the 9000? Do you really feel a difference using the "quad tube" design?
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    After having multiple pontoon boats, I've settled on a 9ft model. The 10 footer I had was super stable, but the damn thing weighed around 100lbs, which takes away all the convenience of a pontoon. The 9ft boat I have now is stable, but light enough to easily move to and from the water.
    I'm not a small guy and the 9ft model fits all my needs for all the S rivers, plus a couple of east side rivers.
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    System glitch double tap.
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    Sounds like people like the PAC 900! Now time to buy a new couch! Good luck on that:)