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  1. So, got in a few glass rods recently here at the shop. Now, I'm going to admit a few things for perspective and in full disclosure. I tend to like fast rods, and while there are plenty of blazing fast rods available that I will concede have no soul, all-in-all, I like rods that have quick recovery and not a lot of flex outside the tip. My first rod was a Shakespeare WonderRod, yellowed with age, and whippy as a willow branch by today's standards. But, for the most part, I learned to cast with graphite. And while the early graphite rods I learned on weren't very good, at the least it's a telling indicator of what my formative casting years were based upon.

    Anyway... I've thought the recent uptick in interest in glass rods a bit of an affectation. While the nostalgia of glass rods is something I can get my head around easily, the interest in their use as fishing tools, well, needless to say I wasn't entirely on board. Not to say I begrudge anyone their own interest or pleasure in fishing what I termed "old technology", it's just a matter of personal preference is all.

    But the Redington Butter Stick has been on our rack for a few days, it's such a beautiful day out today (72 degrees and sunny!) that I figured, what the hell, let's go cast. Decided to try the 4wt Butter Stick, just for shits and giggles mind you...

    ... and was I surprised. A lovely little rod. One word summation? "Fun." While it might not be my first, second, or even fifteenth choice for fishing big, open water, the obvious point is that that's not what this is designed to do. It had the expected load, and feel, at 20' - 30' as I imagined. But the weirder thing, for me at least, is that from 40' - 50' it not only didn't feel taxed or pressed, it was actually just a joy. Easy stroke, had to slow down my compact casting tendencies, but again, it was fun. And, unlike some of the glass rods being made, it is a veritable bargain at $250.

    Thought I'd share is all, cool little rod, makes me want to go throw a lime trude on a mountain stream almost as much as this sunny weather makes me want to have a beer!


  2. As a glass convert around 8 years ago, this great news....IMHO. Hopefully it'll help dispel the myth that glass is heavy and clunky and can't throw a lot of line. I think the only way people will truly believe it is if they go pick one up and see for themselves, be it new offerings from larger companies like Orvis, Scott, Echo an Redington or one of the non-mass produced established builders like Steffen or McFarland, or even the venerable Lamiglas honey blanks. In addition to my Steffens, I recently picked up a Lami 4wt and it's an absolute, have an Echo 4wt on the way. There are just tons of amazing options right now.

    Great review...

    **Pics removed, didn't want to take away from OPs original point...
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  3. I've been wanting to cast the Butterstick, I'll have to come down and check it out sometime! Unlike you though, I have been bitten by the fiberglass bug.. My first rod was a Wright & McGill 8' 8wt 2pc.. I have a 7wt Wright & McGill as well..

    I have cast all of the new Orvis Superfine glass rods and will be getting the 4wt soon, I hope.. All three in the line are awesome, the 4wt just fits best into my quiver of rods. The S2 glass is definitely faster than the older E glass many of these rods are made of.

    Recently, I have cast my friends new 6wt Morgan and his two older Lami's. Have been following the Fiberglass Manifesto and considering a Steffan or Epic blank down the road. Lots of great options out there!

    Perfect time to get into glass, if you're into it. Thanks for sharing the report on the Butterstick!
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  4. I got a #4 butter stick last year. Love it! I was able to cast the 4 wt better than the 5wt. It makes you slow down and open up your cast but it easily casts to intermediate distances. Last fall I caught a 12" bow on a big October caddis dry from the drift boat on the yak. I think I had more fun with that then the 22" I caught on my sage one 5wt.
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  5. All i can say about glass is the best is yet to come
  6. If that's the case, I can't wait! Especially because IMHO, my two Steffens (5/6 and 7/8) are the two best rods in those weight classes I've ever laid my hands on...enough to where you'll have to pry them out of my cold dead hands when I die.
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  7. I think my first fly rod was glass. I got it about 50 years ago. I don't think Graphite was out then. I know it was a two piece rod and about a 9"er. It has since gone to the fly rod heaven.

    Was in Walmart last week and was just looking at a Wright & McGill glass rod. I gave it the whip test. It didn't stop wiggling for a long time. It's probably still wiggling at the tip. But I really don't need another rod. I just like to go look anymore.
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  8. $250 for a Redington fiberglass rod? And to think a perfectly good Fenwick glass rod used to sell for $35. And the last glass rod I built cost me around $30 for the blank, reel seat, cork, and guides, I'd have a hard time parting with that much change for a glass rod. But then, come to think of it, I have to think long and hard before spending that kind of capital on a graphite rod too.

    Fiberglass rods will do all a fisherman needs from a rod, but graphite is so improved over the years, I can't see going back now. Unless of course, the only graphite rods available are all stiffer than a fireplace poker.

    I better not test cast one of the new generation glass rods, lest I be tempted.

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  9. Sounds like an announcement is coming soon!

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  10. I wouldn't quite go that far. but I am going to start pressing hard for it. the timing is right. when it does happen don't expect them to be cheap.
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  11. Salmo G every time i go to a fly shop all the rods i wiggle are like fireplace pokers. well except for the tip.
  12. I re-discovered glass about 8 years ago. Now about 2/3 of my arsenal consists of modern glass rods (12 or 13 total). I fish a lot of small to medium moving water, and for me, glass is just the best tool for the job. I save my long super fast graphite sticks for big rivers and lakes. Anyway, glad to hear you discovered something "new".
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  13. I own a number of glass trout rods and my personal favorite is the 7'6" 3 wt original diamondglass form Diamondback. It fishes a 3 or 4 wt line well. I became a convert to glass for most of my trout fishing when these rods were introduced. I fish mostly small spring creeks and think glass is a perfect fit for those systems.
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  14. Somebody lend this man a couple glass rods. Hahaha! He will have been had. :)
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  15. Dan, I don't want to hijack the thread, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the type of rod that you describe in your first paragraph. I'm looking for a rod with those characteristics that has a good performance to price ratio. Maybe start a new thread?
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  16. Will do. Hanging out with the family in a moment, but let's open some fun debate shortly! Heading into the shop early tomorrow, will try and put some thought into it!

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  17. that original diamondglass is a very nice 3/4wt rod. perfect for our streams here!
  18. I want a medium fast action fiberglass 5 wt around 8 foot specifically for fishing salmonfly hatches from the bank
  19. Rob, medium-fast for glass? or medium fast according to the current standard?

    I'll tell you this: my Steffen 8' 6wt (5/6, but I love it with a 6) is damn near as perfect of a salmonfly rod as I've ever touched.

  20. I want to toss a big bug under the trees at short range super accurate with 8 lb maxima then manhandle the 20 inch bow to the bank, be able to high stick it without danger of it snapping land the fish in 30 seconds and get onto the next one... after all fighting fish is down time I want to see them rise for the fly.

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