NFR The Grande Ronde's Sister River?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wadin' boot, Jan 24, 2014.

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  2. Boot, that is some eerie and wonderful landscape punctuated by a beautiful river. It has elements of the upper Owens Valley near Bodie, some river canyons in Idaho and suggestions of the scab lands here in Washington in addition to the Grande Ronde. The architecture is stunning for it's day and begs the question-Where did everyone go? It must have taken a substantial population to create such vast stoneworks in an isolated area.

    Were those "Round Young Virgins" like they sing about in Silent Night?

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  3. Ive it also has hills that look Palouse-like, it is weird, were it not for the ruins I could see it being a landscape within 150 mile radius of Pendleton, OR

    Ive my knowledge of the Hripsimian Virgins is minimal, Alex MacDonald on the other hand knows how to correctly approach the study of medieval virgins. A drink in hand, witty banter, maybe an anecdote about Vlad the Impaler...
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  4. My favorite three pick up scenerios for a Hripsimian virgin:

    Hey girl...

    Hey bout we go down to the lover's bridge over the river...check this out...I'm in Armenia...and now I am in Turkey...and now I am in Armenia...oh and Turkmenia (Boot meanwhile is stepping either side and later on the bridge midline, Hripsimian virgin laughing like she's in a medieval ROMCOM)

    Hey Girl... You want to check out my orthodox all the incense and frankincense and Mirrh up in my hand-carved hill cave? We can get up there before the Mongol Horde sacks and burns the city tonight...
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  5. Boot, have you been sniffing the ether again?
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  6. The site of a nasty war where 20k died "and the river ran red" with their blood. So, good bio-mass. However, no direct connection to the sea, but via a few lakes it does appear that sea-run fish could get there over a couple of dams.

    No bobber fishing allowed.
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  7. That was really, really cool. Thanks for sharing(now that I checked it out after my smartass ass comment).
  8. [​IMG]I like this one as it reminds me of the Skagit river, say, near Mt. Vernon last year...
  9. So the ancients built structures that last for hundreds of years...and modern man decides nothing would look better on them than a couple of blue hearts with arrows in them?
  10. Some further study of the Hripsimian Virgins revealed that many were virgins by default. Especially the ones that had pubic hair clear up to their belly button.

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