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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by montana_sam, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. For those of you that have been asking me to take them out fishing send me a private message here or on facebook. I have fished and guided in MT from June till now and have filled my quota. Now I'm just fishing for fun. I'll fish the Yak anytime until late Aug. (when I have to go back to work). I have a Star raft here with a fishing frame and can take two at a time. All you have to do is pay for gas. I prefer to fish early mornings/evenings (best for dry fly fishing). Hope to see you on the river!

    The Guide Guy
  2. I'm curious to know what you mean when you say you "have filled my quota." Does Montana have a limit on the number of days you can guide in a year, and when you reach that limit you have to quit? Is there a sliding scale based on seniority or residence? Seems like an impediment to what is already a tough way to make a living.
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  3. Coming from a guy in a fly fishing halloween costume. I'll be damned.
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  4. ...sarcastically says the tweed monster.
  5. I'm curious to know what you mean when you say you "have filled my quota."

    It means I have fished 20+ days and paid for the boat and am headed home to Seattle!
  6. Thought you need an outfitter license to guide in Montana? Pretty sure they are not handing those to out of staters these days. Not to mention getting told not to post about guide work on the WFF, unless the mediators like to play favorites on here you will probably be getting a response rather quickly.
  7. Sam
    Paying for gas is the easiest part of any fishing trip. I like the offer you have made of taking others out for a day of fishing. I may just hit you up for a day on the water.
  8. Is that a flying ant?

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