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  1. Had to drive up to Winthrop earlier today to drop off some classic skis to Nordic Ultratune for Mark to work his magic on their bases, and the river on the way up looked inviting. There were some guys getting in their last digs at the chrome bullets, but they were also getting checked out by the guy in the bronze truck-you know, the one with the big "Fish&Game" sticker on the side? He's got the window rolled down and his big binoculars out and dialed in. Upstream I saw several more folks hitting the river with spinning rods, but have no idea if that's legal-single barbless files is all I care about anyway. There sure were a few rafts, everybody all wadered up and flogging the water. Winthrop was virtually empty though. If you're looking for decent food/beer without a big price tag, try the Schoolhouse Brewery for a hot shot burger and a brew.
  2. dude, be lucky you're in the methow valley. Sucks here in big - s - city area right now. Small town big time burger and a good local small town big hopped brewed ipa sounds great right now! :)
  3. The Old Schoolhouse boys are doing it right. They're buddies of mine, and I get to fish with them sometimes when I'm over there. I've become pretty jaded when it comes to many of the breweries popping up all over the state, but Old Schoolhouse is one of a small handful that I'll praise, despite my bias because they're such good guys in there.
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  4. As long as they know what hops are and how to use them...I love it!
  5. Well, given that I'm the opposite of a hop-head, they have plenty to keep a guy like me pleased. But their IPA is very, very well liked by those into the hops.
  6. I had their porter a couple years ago. It was quite good. I know that I've tried something else there too and liked it but I don't remember what.

    Go Sox,
  7. The IPA is called RUUD AWAKENING. Awesome beer!
  8. Does it smell green?
  9. The beer sucks. People are mean. No fish in the river. Never gets above freezing. Stay home people nothing to see here ;)
  10. Get rid of your avatar and they will stay away...;)
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  11. the "man" shouldn't even need to be there. The fact that people are out there targeting steelhead that have been in fresh water for nearly a year is just a sad testament to how far steelhead fishing has fallen.

    a dark fish is a dark fish. it's not a cause for celebration.. it's not angling success. targeting them is weak. ( epic fail)
  12. We almost moved to the Methow (certainly better skiing there than here in Lederhosenland), but decided against it when I realized that, sooner or later, I'm gonna need EMS, and the helo won't be flying in a snowstorm. So... Here we are, right by the little Icicle!

    But as one who prizes being able to listen to the wind, big cities are the armpits of the world. And I've been in everything from Paris to Hong Kong to Tokyo to Moscow, with the exception of DC. Couldn't get me to live in a city for Gates' bucks!
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  13. I don't see it as an epic fail - I see it as a revelation of the diverse genetics of steelhead. This spring fishing for them is not a recent development either, people have been fishing for them for decades. The recent development is the more people know about them. :)

  14. I have got no problem with people removing the excess hatchery fish that part is great. I just wouldn't be bragging about it as some do ( not on this thread) it would be better if they would just reduce the plants to a reasonable level and remove the hatchery fish with a weir. I bet some joker is even guiding in the spring over there.
  15. How do things look from your high horse up there?

    Things look just fine down here at the bottom with us 'dark fish' targeting scum.

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  16. A comparison in "darkness"

    Methow fish taken in March:

    Hoh fish taken in March:
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  18. well, I'm certainly not out to impress the top tier of anglers such as yourself.
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  19. And for the record, someone of your experience should know by now that male steelhead are often colored up before even tasting fresh water.
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  20. I have seen spring run bucks have color like that in early March. My guess is they may have been in the river for a few weeks, maybe a month. Color on a steelhead is not a clear indication of how long they have been in the river.

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